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  1. Try this. http://rocalc.com/#hahbLaYbua1bzaIabadEdaaaShaaaaaaaae5aaaaaaaaad3aYeraaeEe3blfgbofobCfCbJfCbJeeeeaaaaaaaaaibkaakgakbkkaaaaEaaqaabaaaaaaaaaaabaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaabaaakaauaaxaaaaakaauaaxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakaaaaaaabaaacuaaaaaakakua
  2. It's really sad how some players (surely not the OP) still want to win 1v1 even on team-oriented WoE. People should just go PvP if they just want to win 1v1 fights.
  3. Thank you to all my haters for motivating me to improve my craft in the world of SarahRO.

  4. MFW a Novice told me "Press Alt F4 you fkn worthless player" O_O

  5. Lv90 Battle Priest or Lv81 GC Crusader here, in case you need companions for exploring farming and leveling sites other than the usual ones. Thanks.

  6. Has anyone already calculated the stats needed to one-shot Full VIT non-Swordman classes with a nerfed Asura Strike?

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    2. Lavender


      ^did it just cut off my post? Whatever, you get the idea.

    3. judasmartel


      Good luck to Devo Sage Rush Gaming and SFY Lex Asura Gaming then.

    4. Lavender


      They can still be dropped if they are dispelled from devo. *hint*

  7. I feel so much rage and QQ. I cannot.

  8. Please suggest leveling spots for solo or 5-man parties with my Battle Priest and Grand Cross Crusader that can match the EXP efficiency of Magma. So I can convince non-core jobs to leave the core jobs alone in their own world. Thanks.

    1. snakeside


      dude stop crying already

    2. Kas


      Lol. You need to understand the limitation of such classes.

  9. I hereby suggest bonus EXP for diverse parties and EXP penalties for duplicate job classes in parties. Crazy idea, I know. I just feel frustrated.

  10. I am very sorry that some Sarah players are not creative enough to find ways to make all classes useful in leveling parties and instead go the easy way out and spam 2FS / 3Wiz / 2Bard / 2Dancer / 2Hunter / 1Devo parties all the time.

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    2. judasmartel


      Let us uphold the rights of the core leveling party members to feel good at the expense of the other job classes.

    3. snakeside


      Can you expound and create a topic to discuss on how to make all classes useful in mainstream levelling maps?

    4. snakeside


      Thanks for the link! Will check it out

  11. N> Duo Anywhere, Battle Priest here, PM me in forums or AgneseSanctis in-game.

  12. Did my wizard test in like 4 tries. No Safety Wall, NPC Equips only. The solution really is bring a lot of potions (greens for Obeaune's Lex Divina) and then SOUL STRIKE EVERYTHING.
  13. Hi Greed! Nice to see you here! Here's mine: STR 62 + 18 [ Adurate Biretta OR Pirate Bandana + 2x Rosary of Counter, -3 with INT set ] AGI 86 + 17 [ Green Shoes ] VIT 38+ 5 INT 46 + 15 [ +8 with Bible [2] + Tiara + 2x Earring [0], for a total of +23 ] DEX 36 + 14 LUK 31 + 39 [ Gloria + 2x Rosary of Counter, -2 with INT set ] 7461 HP [ Hard Saint Robe + Green Shoes ] 1291 SP 222 Flee [ Mocking Muffler ] 171(.0) ASPD [ 179(.0) ASPD with Adrenaline Rush from Blacksmith ] 30% CRIT [ Gloria + 2x Rosary of Counter, -8.4% with INT set ] 1680 HP restored by Heal Lv10 [ INT set pushes it to 1764 HP ] Can battle most mobs, yet still be able to support decently with an INT-type set ( Bible [2] + Tiara + 2x Earring [0] ) PM AgneseSanctis in-game for more details!
  14. Those 2x Ring of Muscle
  15. PM any the following IGN's to contact me: Luc39 | BoteBakalDyaryo | KimSunHyung | AgneseSanctis | MeairaNeleusis | OrsolaAquinas