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  1. Server Rules Botting, hacking or any use of a third party program are strictly prohibited. This includes the use of macros, autohotkeys and autoclickers. Abuse of in game play or NPC bugs is illegal. If you find a bug, it is in yours as well as the servers' best interests to report it. Anyone caught abusing it and fails to report it instead will have their account permanently ban. Intentional abuse of any and all bugs/glitches to cheat and/or gain an unfair advantage is illegal will lead to permanent account ban. Do no attempt to advertise or recommend any other Ragnarok Server of any kind withing private message, channel or forum. Do not attempt to trade items within Ragnarok Sarah Server to out of our Game. This includes real money trading, items, accounts, or services of other game servers. Anyone caught will lead to permanent account ban Scamming and any other means of deceiving just to get the players item will lead to permanent account ban. Do not pretend to be a Game Master. Do not name your character or forum account similar to that of a GM. Do not use names or titles with offensive or inappropriate words, which might directly or indirectly offend other players – including character names, pet, vend title, guild names, party names, and guild titles. You are responsible for your account’s security. Be certain to choose a strong, secure password that you will not easily forget. Always use @security in game. Admin/Staffs are not responsible if your items or characters are compromised and/or stolen because someone guessed your password or because they deceived you. Guild emblems must be visible and distinct when participating in War of Emperium. This means that your emblem cannot be "nothing" or an image with only two small letters on it; it has to be something that's big enough to be seen by other guilds. This also means you cannot copy opposing guild emblems in an attempt to fool them. Only English Language will be used in our channel system. For more info visit http://community.sar...channel-system/ Quitting Vend/Pub are strictly prohibited and will lead to your character Jailed or even permanent suspension. Only English Language will be used when using megaphone. I saw a hunter named "NatatarantangTite" before didnt bother reporting cause he seems to be a nice guy. jecKooLero* -> I think you are just being to imaginative here.
  2. that must be a bummer, I'mean you wait like a 1 - 2 hours then someone does that. so far I have never encountered such on my MVP hunting. hopefully I wont. I want to see what the gm's has to say about this. its too bad they remove the yellow gem boxes a Abra Sage can definitely satisfy your mvp needs
  3. Here's What happening . I Have not tried it without /nc command, Update you guys soon https://youtube/wKeCmw62mv8
  4. Okey let me try that later
  5. I have atelast 178 aspd does it mean I need more aspd to be able to cast a bolt immediately ?
  6. to be clear with the after-cast delay https://wiki.talonro.com/After_Cast_Delay which one could be affecting my casting ?
  7. where is the screen shot ?
  8. I have a Battle sage and have notice that after my skill Cool Down I cant immediately cast another spell, this is happening while attacking monster. I cast my first Bolt while attacking , first Bolt rains down, Cool Down is off then it take 3-5 clicks just to cast the next spell while attacking . I have 1 dex + other dex bonuses so its important that I can cast my spell properly .
  9. Fraps: http://www.fraps.com/download.php <-- having trouble increase the length of the video i record loilo: http://loilo.tv/en/product/game_recorder <-- come with free video editor also it records longer
  10. Try : Loilo Game Recorder or Fraps very easy to use
  11. I suggest you get safety wall level 10 for tanking MVP and supporting players on WOE but if you want this you will need more dex on your current stat. forgot what may FS stats are but without dex item i think I'm casting fine until i saw someone who is really really casting fast enough to tank Orc Hero along with its mob using safety wall .
  12. I really wish that i could free one chracter slot today

  13. Good thing i never used this for hunting cards but for elu
  14. wtf he clearly knows the consequence of his action yet he did this what a shame indead
  15. no idea why its like that i use to have a normal screen shot before