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  1. http://community.sarahserver.net/index.php?/topic/8519-the-farmers-club/ http://community.sarahserver.net/index.php?/topic/9914-look-at-it-growing-english-chatnarok-guild/ Both are active, and don't WoE.
  2. If you have enough vit, and some int (aka hybrid), mobbing & revoing is ok. Long ago, I did smith this way, some maps as I remember were orc ladies/orc warrior, sandman, mino, then pasana. But my characters always have some int, at least total 18 int. Some would say do mammonite levelling, you can do it if you are rich. I am too stingy to mammo. Of course partying is still faster.
  3. Could you explain in detail what doesn't work fine? Does the NPC not talk to you? Or you can't find Thachentze? Or what exactly was the error? Edit: I wonder if it is because you are following RMS guide, and the NPC name there is Mima. See this guide from iRO Wiki Classic, the NPC name is Thachentze. It is the same NPC just different names. http://irowiki.org/classic/Snowysnow_Quest 4. Return to Hairy with these items and he will talk to you about the snowman, and suggests that you talk to Thachentze to learn more. 5. Thachentze is in a house to the west of the large Christmas tree (122,159). In the house you'll find a Lenient Aunt. This is Thachentze, talk to her. 6. She will send you to get the Roughest Salt in the world from the snowman. So return to the snowman and talk to him again. 7. When you talk to the snowman again, select the first option, the one in blue. This will lead you though a dialogue, and at the end, you get the salt. 8. Return to Thachentze and talk to her again, she will then send you to talk to the clown Hashokii (147,136). 9. Hashokii is just to the south of the big Christmas tree. Talk to him and ask him about the snowman. He will then send you to talk to two children, Charu Charu and Marcell (207,167). 10. The two children are east of the tree. Be sure to talk to the "little boy" first. He will then tell you to talk to the girl next to him. 11. At the end of the girl's monologue, she will send you back once more to talk to the snowman. Again, select the blue option. The snowman will give you a gift from his bag; reach in and you get a present!
  4. No job discrimination here, he couldn't pick and choose party members as you were the leader, it's just insults. Just ill-manner. Probably he's just not smart enough to understand roles in the party or how to use AS. I don't really get this, why did you keep him in party, got upset and post here. If your party member does not perform as expected or causes your party disturbance, then you kick them. Problem solved.
  5. Yeh Pinoy logic. not enough not enough not enough characters
  6. In addition to everything, Some of the problems that we encounter regarding player to player interaction is that some players don't know the word Respect. A good recommendation in cases like what chase experienced is that his party can and should adjust. Because by playing here, you should accept that common sense and decency are out of discussion. Then it would be somehow unfair right?. unless rectifications will be made (new rules / regulations will be added) A thought to ponder- A rule to accept- (because it's unlikely the High Upper Ups will make new rules/regulation, too much bother) ** Just shut up and keep donating Sir ** ** Unhappy? You can always open your own Buy Shops. There are plenty of parties in Magma to choose from ! ** Fixed for you Mr Chase. Hope this help.
  7. Sure you are in the right server?
  8. Glad I bring 1 more website for you to enjoy. Gotta start looking if there is anything good recently. I haven't been watching anything for so long. When I play RO, I don't watch kdrama. When I watch kdrama (and any other dramas/movies things in Netflix etc), then I don't play RO.
  9. I used to read Dramabeans like mad, refreshed the site a few times everyday. Hope you like that too? They are great at explaining subtle things, and stuff that are culturally Korean that outsiders may miss.
  10. A blitzer too here. 1. I pick a single equip that I farm everytime I need zeny. That equip is in a map that is enjoyable & suits my build/gear/play style. That way I can kill faster. Or: 2. Go for a normal drop, then sell the loots to buy equip you need. It does pile up, a few hundreds thousand zeny each run is good. Please don't be stressed. After all noone forces you to have good equip, it's noone's business what sort of equip you use. Just enjoy picking up loots, and if you find something rare then it is a bonus. A blitzer is the cheapest of all, I am still wearing NPC tight until now and have no problem with it.
  11. IGN: Magpie Guild Name(Optional): RSS Monster Name: Carat Picture of your drawing:
  12. Someone mentioned tun Someone mentioned tunnel drive,....
  13. What I usually know is that when 2 bards cast the same song, the overlap area will have Dissonance. And when 2 dancers cast the same song, it will be Ugly Dance. Does that happen here?
  14. Which episode will it be? Is it far away, like a year from now or so?
  15. I hope you do. Ah post too short again.