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  1. LimitBreaker out. Thank you and goodbye RSS.

    1. Hakor


      I am still in :D

  2. Costume: Poker in Mouth Costume: Ancient Elven Ears Costume: Chick Love Hat +10 Quadrudple Dexterous Rod +7 Quadruple Dexterous Knife +7 Green Shoes +7 Flameguard Muffler +7 Order Cap +7 Gladius [3] +6 Muramasa +6 AOA +5 Immune Muffler +4 Cranial Guard +4 Cranial Shield Angel Wing Ears Evil Wing Ears Ring of Muscle Clip of MUscle Hiding Clip Teleport Clip Healing Clip Nimble Gloves Gym Pass Box Kindly PM me your best offer. No offer = no reply. No low ballers. I'm not rush selling.
  3. And a proud loyal member from LB.
  4. Let me answer the questions that I have read on this thread as a decent forumer/player to clear things: - I am not affiliated with LOD. - ARR is not included in our roster though I know some of them and have played with us way back 2014. That's the reason why we wanted GM's to consult both guild leaders first so that we could both agree on a date where we can let our handpicked core members to play. (To let them file a leave / clear their scheds just to attend the event.) Well of course, if we are about to compete for a major event, everybody would want to pick the best players they have and fight with their full potential. Win or lose, we won't cry coz it's all part of the game. Afterall, we are a good sport. We just needed more time to prepare for that but seems to it that GM's did not understand our situation. Now we are forced to play with what active LB and Royale members we can invite just like a regular WoE night on weekdays to play by their fixed rules. If it's true that most of AE members already have filed a leave after the announcement and with less than 3 days notice, lucky for them to have such considerate bosses but this cannot be applied to all. - We just voiced out our opinions like what GM's should value the most but sad to say, we are being misunderstood. Worst case, we are not being heard and dragged down by some player. To be honest, It was already my plan not to let LB participate in WoE this coming Saturday because I have a different annual event to attend but since they set the 2nd GvG on Sat as their solution, I have to choose between the two. I bet you also have noticed that these past WoE's, LB played inside Royale or vice-versa so now you have the idea how few our attendance can get lately every WoE. I have nothing against AE and I still pay respect to them just like all the guild and players. Kindly exclude LB to the hate or negativity that you receive from the others. Yes, we don't have the quantity in terms of active members which cannot fill-in the full 56 slot every WoE/GvG that easily, but we are one big family who knows how to respect our fellow players. AND WE REALLY SUPPORTED THE SERVER BECAUSE WE HAVE LOVED IT. I discipline my members not to include themselves to any hating/trashtalking issues because all I ever wanted is to have a good competition. Let's stop the drama and just move on. Whether if we complete the roster or not, we will play with dignity and enjoy our last ride. Sorry for the long post. Stop the hate and spread love. Merry Christmas in advance and happy Holidays to all. :3
  5. GGWP guys. No excuses for us, we tried our very best and have played by the rules even though we lost. http://s285.photobucket.com/user/destined014/media/screenSarah%20Server005.jpg.html?o=0
  6. How about consulting us first right? I believe that's not too much to do as an event Staff/GM so that everything will fall in place. It's a common courtesy that you don't have. Afterall, we are supporters of this server and we have loved this game and yet we don't feel like you value your players in general. As I have said, we are not excusing ourselves. All we need is a clear communication rather than surprising us with your final announcements without asking if we can manage fo fill everything what we need on your assigned date. If you want to force us to compete tonight then let's do this. Win or lose we'll play with handicap. Goodluck then.
  7. Why would you make final decisions without consulting both guild leaders? Unbelievable..
  8. RE: ''Regarding your work 9pm is beyond work schedule'' Will all due respect, are you 100% sure with that? FYI: Most of my core members are International players and LB don't have that much active core member count where we can just find replacements for those who cannot play with their key roles. GvG announcement posted at December 12, 2016. The event is scheduled this 15th as announced without asking us first. Lessthan 3days to prepare is enough? (- the downtime for the maintenance and working/sleeping hours/real life commitments) Why do you rush these things? You should have given us at least even a week to prepare or simply asked us what convenient date for both guilds the event can be held plus the fact that this is a major event. Seems unusual to set a rushed 56v56 GvG event on Thursday. Why not set it on weekends? This is one of the things that I hate on this server TBH. Mostly are decided without asking players for their welfare and convenience. We are not trying to excuse ourselves here but I have nothing to do if my core members cannot play with the said date. Just let us to play with a more organized roster attendance and have enough time for preparation so that win or lose, we'll gladly accept the outcome of the match as a good sport. If you insist to push this event this 15th, don't blame us for what we cannot provide and what might happen next. Goodluck to this server.
  9. We won't be able to complete our roster and play with the said date because most of our members have work and we have nothing to do with it. Second, why would GM's schedule a server maintenance which will approximately end at 8PM (and still not sure if it will open at the exact time). Should we have the alloted time to prepare?
  10. B> Acid / Plant Bottles. PM me need bulk.

  11. RE: Friendship Cup GvG Finals (Thursday @9PM) Can we move the date? (Saturday if possible) Most of our players have work so we aren't sure if we can commit this thursday.
  12. I can't remember how many times I get disconnected from the server during WoE. =.='

  13. LFM>89+ Devo/FS/Wiz. We have SFY/Mr. Kim Tandem /Braggi. We are at 1 o'clock Magma dungeon.
  14. B> Ring of Muscle / Quad dex Knife or Main Gauche. Kindly leave your offer. BRB. Will reply later.