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  1. This is great specially if GJ is disabled on WoE during this event. It will really show who's the best and Friendship. Allied guild can help in farming supply while other guild will take castle then pass points to desired guild. That was Friendship cup is guild helping another guild. Would be a fair competition since reward points and having a huge zenny won't really help that much. However having an alliance does.
  2. ohh I miss doing those things. you can move a little further till the character is gone and remember the tile. Click the tile once don't hold then your character will move to the tile and fuse you will get warped.^_^ just like how you fuse w/ other NPC or Character.
  3. The important thing is you don't get disabled first so getting vit around 90, then get Str as high as possible divisible by 10 since server has 50% increase base damage on sin. The rest dex. as Lavender said; Get them stunned then SB. while enemy is stunned you won't miss.
  4. how about this http://calcx.wushuang.ws/pvp.html?caibLaYbIabbCaOabahalaabZhaaaaaaaae5aaaaaaaaactaaecaaeCeUcefgbpfobCfFbNfFbNaeeeagakaakbbkkaaEaaabvkaaaaaaaaaHaaaa . I think there is an animation delay in sonic blow mean you can't spam it. Haven't tried sin in this server yet.
  5. As you stated you really tried to provoke someone randomly. The statement you shouted was sarcastic and provoking.
  6. I think there is nothing wrong with it.. a few F***ing some people use it as an expression. the only bad thing was the ass hole and the ,,|,, but it isn't a very big thing to complain about. why make it a big issue. Are we on martial law? O.o Do we have to report every single thing and make a big issue out of it. You have to accept the fact that there are people out there who is different from what you expect them to be. And I think he was provoke by your statement that's why he acted that why. In short you are also at fault.^_^
  7. Perfect Dodge is useless against skill like DS and any other skills so it's not worth getting. it's good if you are going to tank mobs however for woe where skills are spam all time thanks to grapes and sp pots. PD only dodge normal attack melee and range. so they won't miss if they will use skills. so int would be better since there would be alot of caster and skill type during woe. VIT Resistance vs. the following Status Effects: Bleeding: -1% chance from being inflicted, decreases duration (exact value unknown) Curse: dereases duration (exact value unknown) Poison: -1% chance from being inflicted, decreases duration (exact value unknown) Silence: -1% chance from being inflicted, -1% duration Stun: -1% chance from being inflicted, -1% duration so if you have 100 vit you would be immune to bleeding, poison, silence and stun. INT Resistance vs. the following Status Effects: Blind: -2/3% chance from being inflicted, -1/15 second duration Sleep: -1% chance from being inflicted Chaos: -2/3% chance from being inflicted if you have 100 int immune to sleep and 66.67% chance to be blind and Chaos. As for dex base 20 would be ok. As far as I know status effects from card work even if you miss.(not quite sure but this is what i remember. will update if proven). Also no one can tank FF. You know FF? Focus Fire^_^ it's a waste of Pots in your side so never go alone if there is a platoon of enemy waiting for you.
  8. forget the Luck Go 99 vit and 99 int if you dont want to die easily. why int? for some soft mdef. str the rest for wieght to carry more potion. however they will just ignore you since you don't have damage and support skill. As for weapon status effect cards on pike spam brandish spear. armor: unfro silkrobe, or fullplate w/ swordfish card. Robe: immune manteau or manteau with dustiness card. helm: poopoo Hat or +7 Bone helm Mid: Fin Helm Lower: Iron Cain Shield: Cranial Shield Boots: green boots Acc: 2 Rosary or Rosary[1] with spore Card You want tank or Emp breaker?
  9. SS added file was greater than 500kb
  10. Hi! I would like to report this player selling zenny for real money. On the first screenshot he was selling zenny trough #market the second screenshot he was selling marc card 5mins after he shouted the RMT so I can say that his account was not hacked or someone used his account. Screenshot is attached IGN: LORD ANDREW
  11. S>Frilldora Card MSG me

  12. S> Frilldora Card Msg me offer

  13. Leave offer zenny or BS Gears
  14. hmm.. foe woe, swordfish(silk robe)+dustiness(manteau) anti magical damage. pecopeco(chain mail)+raydric for physical ATK, Rings is also good for woe if you focus on damage. also they can't damage you if they are stunned, vit BS is the best build for BS, woe or PvP. also woe has 50% damage reduction you can't be killed easily. As for using poopoo hat it depends if you can get 40+ def w/o headgear so it's better to use poopoo hat. It well reduce both magical and physical damage. if you cant reach 40+ def you need to switch between bone helm and poopoo hat depending on the situation. I prefer chain mail w/ swordfish then mant with dustiness since most players would have aspersio or holy property attack to bypass Raydric. However this will change when 2-2 jobs arrive since monk will surely 1hit almost everyone. so stun them first w/ hammerfall then mammo..