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  1. still waiting for the rebirth update
  2. hello... Welcome to sarah server
  3. More onions!
  4. another guild member involved again?
  5. I cant find his name in the members list. Maybe he change his name or his account is been deleted.
  6. You should get ban too for doing RMT..
  7. more popcorn...
  8. The babies.... hihihi
  9. I was trying to do how she walks and it's damn hard... lol what a talented person :D
  10. This guy did the same to our party last night...
  11. I think this scammer is with the priest. they came to my pub early this morning and asking me if i have a good equips.
  12. B> VVS Wind Damascus
  13. S/T> my Marc card to your Joker Jester