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  1. IGN: Speeddraw Guild: None Screenshot:
  2. Why did I only get 50 ymir coins from post and receive event? When I included all details needed.

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    2. Gabriel


      the emoticon you posted on have link on it try to click the emoticon xD

    3. OhBoyItsJello


      I posted everything on the first try but removed it thinking it would be bad if other unknown entity could get a hold of my personal details, I did say the if you guys indeed needed it I'm only a pm away, oh well.

    4. OhBoyItsJello


      Nevermind its fine, I woulda use the microphone to let people know about the @channel commands anyway, 50 ymir coins is not so bad :)

  3. Its good to be back, any big thing I missed?

  4. LF duo priest castle 50/50

  5. Please do feed the trolls.
  6. No offense bro and I know I'll feel mad as well if I am in your situation but let's be real, they can ban anyone they want who they think is not abiding the rules especially people who try to RMT since it ruins the server. Now if they banned you and you think you are innocent, feel free to appeal "nicely", I'm pretty sure if you are 100% innocent and just a victim you will retrieve your account. Steps and investigation (and ofcourse cooperation from both party) takes time and it is needed in order to ensure that you are 100% innocent because there are countless times where people who got banned suddenly appeal and end up being 100% guilty. Just patiently wait and if you are indeed innocent then you'll get unbanned. EDIT: If you are indeed proven guilty and tried to work your way around the ban hammer then you are just feeding us "trolls
  7. Added Costume Ancient Elven Ears BYE OVERPRICE ELVEN EARS :>

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    2. OhBoyItsJello


      although the ancient ears costing 1k ymir coin might be something and people does not have time to do alot of mission lol

    3. Legendary Porn Man

      Legendary Porn Man

      ancient EE looks ridiculous, but i think, AS will affect the price of EE

    4. ChrisKyle


      yeah AS might. But definitely not ancient EE. Those look awkward as hell

  8. Not sure if Greed sold his brooch or not yet. Click me try and message him.
  9. IGN: OhBoyItsJello Guild: None
  10. Coincidence?
  11. 1.9 and a hug
  12. Play what you want to play. there is no best job on WoE its about team play. EDIT: more like play what you are comfortable or enjoy playing and ask for constructive criticism from your fellow guildmate.
  13. yep i misread since I was selling my +8 hunter's bow to someone in game the same time I made the reply.
  14. I call bullocks! An archer upgrading hunter's bow? EDIT: Fck I'm retarded I thought it was a hunter's bow.
  15. actually lag is every 30 mins. I keep telling my party mates that its prolly the server backing its files up, besides its not like 1-3 sec of lag is the end of the world.