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The Anunnaki

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    Talking with Aliens when they visit my house.
    Traveling to Outerspace.
    Travel to earth
    Eat. Sex. Sleep. Gym.
    Astral Projection
  1. no idea bro... but I'm now at the server 5. smooth connection depends on your isp. I'm currently playin smooth.
  2. this helped me. I just got connected to server 5.
  3. Logged in. Buffs & Warped to GH. Stepped into the portal. Sees a Whisper. Killed. CARD. This was long time ago......................................
  4. ohhh! there ya go! thanks for the replies! Got it! Appreciated! that time I was just *eyebrows down* What The heck?? so this is the reason why... haha! thanks guys!
  5. I think there is a problem in foul language detect? yesterday I was having a convo with my party and then it does not send due to foul language as the system chat said. BUT! My message has no foul languages? I was thingkin that maybe there are some words that was foul to other countries and the system detects but i dont know what that word is? haha! Anyone has experienced this?
  6. HAHA.. I am still having fun in this thread... I actually bookmarked this. hmm... now I know why they called ARR or 322... They Destroy.. They Conquer... They Rule.. Now they are so Famous. They create a history... But anyway....... Let's just play!! *opens the patcher & clicks Play Now*
  7. no I mean I love these guys even they're evil! HAHA!! but yea yea... you stand me corrected. Thanks! they're still idiots. haha! That is why these guys are hiring on their website for a member... It needs an interview like applying for a company. because of their Black Ops... haha.. #32ToolsNation
  8. Naaaah... STOP that server will go down blah blah theyng!! I'm so taayyyeeerrrdd looking for another server and START ALL OVER AGAIN! 322 are just 0.010% Players in this server... the REST are keep PLAYIN! Trashtalks are natural..... But this topic was just a BIG SLAP on 322 Guild... That's all! #LostDignity Play Fair. Play Nice. ALLRIGHT! LET'S PLAY GUYS! ROK ON!! S> Chainmail = 200k! HAHA! *Clicks the patcher and PLAY NOW button*
  9. It's Him... this guy should provide. *ten teneneen*
  10. 322 - "I never forgive, I never forget" Stryder - "We never forgive, We never forget"
  11. NO NO NO DUDE!! this is actually great! It's a Healthy Conversation! hahahaha! If there will be an International WOE?! I can vote them to be our representative.
  12. SEE?! I knew it! I thought they have their own kind of Programs to bypass shields.. I didn't expect they will use the classic CHEAT ENGINE in this classic server?! HAHAHA! HEX HEX HEX HEX NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS!! As what I've said earlier... it is possible. I know ARR does this... So two bad @ss guilds merge. ARR+322.
  13. Well... they are good Programmers coz they can do this stuffs. You can do programs in every games and its possible to do things like this. Auto pots, GRFs etcetera... Think of it... why does the "Cheat Engine Application" possible to any kinds of Applications? mostly games? using HEX numbers blah blah blah. Gepard cannot be 100% Secured. Or maybe? I'm wrong?... just sayin.. 322 are EVIL! bwuuaahahaha..
  14. my ISP is PLDT... Ultera 3mbps. I can't login since morning... I don't know why? Anyone guys? having trouble too?
  15. THERE YA GO!!! I AM SO PISSED into this S***!!! two times he gave me false warp. 1st warp i thought it was legit.. just normal warper who needs zeny. so we deal for GH.. but he warped me in HIDDEN DUNGEON. 2nd... MAGMA.. i was having a pub magma warp and there he goes again. I tried dealing with him again. So that if he'll give me a false warp. i'll Screenshot every detail and report.. but i'd never thought someone will report this guy. Thanks to you dude! look at this. I HOPE GM's will JAIL this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!! this is not funny!! that red marks is my freakin bad mouth... coz i was so pissed. JAIL THIS DongSunX! HE WARP ME IN THIS F****NG NOWHERE! PLEASE JAIL this immediately. GM's please. up^ up^up^ up^ up^ up^ up^ up^ up^