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  1. Thanks kind sir!
  2. Is your mom looking for another son? I think we could become good brothers :v
  3. Oh boy... This reminds me of this
  4. Glad to be back!

    1. Mouse


      And we're also glad that you're back.

  5. Thanks guys to contribute here
  6. Ok follow me: 1) Go to your Desktop and type Shift + Command + H 2) Click on Applications 3) Click on Wineskin 4) Click on Sarah Server (or the name given before) and then you'll see something like this: In my case this screenshot is in spanish but just follow step 7 from this point, as you can see the second option is the one I was talking about, hope this helps. Yes WS9Wine1.6X because users have reported some issues with others. I'm afraid it isn't possible to play in full screen, I recommend to set up the screen in a way you feel confortable. If you play using bootcamp then I think Parallels might be a better option for you, Parallels works like a virtual machine allowing you to use Widnows OS and MacOS at the same time, PROs: you can play in full screen mode, easy to set up. CONs: you'll be running 2 OS at the same type so if Windows go crazy you'll have to restart parallels (not a common thing if you're only using your antivirus and RO in Windows). But feel free to use wineskin if you want to. Sadly sometimes it's necessary because of the requirements of some programs. Sorry for taking my time, I already posted reasons for me being sooooooo late.
  7. Hey guys, I know I'm not a GM or Staff member, I'm simply a member of this great community, few of you might know me because of the following guides/tutorials: Sarah Server for Mac Users Prontera Academy Stats Hanson's Training Ground Answers Prontera Academy Hotkeys Secret Being honest I haven't even logged on into my account, the reasons for that would be because of my job and now because I'm applying to study a graduate course abroad my country via scholarship, which means I'm rather busy so I might not be able to play but in my spare time I'll try to contribute to the forums, I know there are some issues about the guide for Mac users I'll try to respond ASAP or even try to add pictures for the tutorial, talking about tutorials before I left I was working on a Knight tutorial, which I'd hopefully post next week. Anyway if there's any doubt about any of the content I have posted feel free to ask or pm me I'll gladly answer ASAP. TL;DR: I won't be playing online for a while but I'll be posting here at the forums. Cheers
  8. Before playing sarah server Open System Preferences Keyboard and enable Use all F1... You can enable and disable whenever you want, if you're not going to play disable it so that you can use the functions
  9. I'll be off for the next week, vacation time!! /no1

  10. It's been just one month, and the server is this huge! Congrats, i have great expectations for the 1st year anniversary.
  11. Glad it helped! And for all readers, if there're any doubts, feel free to ask
  12. + 1, and for the 5 skill points left you could try to achieve spear stab 8
  13. You can aim for: STR 92 + 8 = 100 DEX 44 + 6 = 50 Rest INT for more sp + a little vit of MDef
  14. I wouldn't consider it a waste, it is still a usefull tank! as I said before, the build is important but is more important to know how to use your character
  15. One Hand quicken is not a platinum skill, but a skill granted by kight spirit skill provided by soul linkers.