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  1. ML Off-Topic: Franco or Moskov

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Greed


      Im planning to used my tickets to buy Franco and 32k BP for Moskov (waiting for official release)

      PM me your IGN :D

    3. P e e k a

      P e e k a

      PM'd!!! let's play tonight T,T

    4. Greed


      request sent :)

  2. Go to our main site https://sarahserver.net/ Chat with them live
  3. How to attach image in your post
  4. Budget Price Please My Wishlist: +7 Saint's Robe of Ares = Offer Hiding Glove = Nimble Glove + zeny My Shop click here 02.08.17
  5. 02.07.17
  6. New Embla's Costume :)

  7. VG <3

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Greed


      I thought it was free XD

    3. P e e k a

      P e e k a

      omgggg. that was a joke, greeeeeed. /sry XD

      *plus that time i was thinking of quitting :P

      **still, somehow XD

    4. Greed


      /sob sad XD

      its ok I already sold almost all my items

      except for Monk and farming set

  8. Rune Knight? by looks and the skill icon
  9. Selling: Manteau [1] = ouf of stock Red Gemstone = ouf of stock Ymir Coin = ouf of stock Nimble Gloves = 15M Evil Bone Wand = 800k Rosary [1] = 1pc x 100k Safety Helm = 56pcs RESERVED Bible [2] = 50k x 25pcs Gas Mask = 70k x 2pcs Hallberd [2] = 50k x 7pcs Trunks = Offer x 7,003pcs Blue Herbs = Offer x 110pcs Horrendous hair = Offer x 1pc My Wishlist click here: 02.06.17
  10. Main site ... trans? :)

  11. 02.02.17 Manteau [1] sold to Beach 02.03.17 Manteau [1] sold to BarurutinMoAko 02.04.17 +7 Saint's Robe of Ares sold Vend Rosary of Counter sold Vend Rosary [1] sold Vend Yellow Gemstone sold Vend 600pcs Ymir Coin / Baseball Cap sold to Luke LemonScent 02.05.17 Manteau [1] sold in vending Red Gemstone sold in vending +7 Insomiac Gemmed Sallet sold in vending Rosary [1] sold in vending
  12. aw too late :( need 1 more XD kidding :( 02.03.17 +7 Insomiac Gemmed Sallet bought from Jeff* Manager 02.04.17 Nimble Glove bought from AOA Hyejeong
  13. I don't know if everybody knows it but im sharing it with you guys Open your Inventory (ALT + E) and Kafra Storage Hold ALT + Right Click to the item you want to store/get from your storage Save a lot of time and you don't need to Drag&Enter
  14. Trade Nimble Glove to Hiding Glove ill add zeny?