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  1. Hi Gm. login security pin code only allowed 4 numbers?

  2. We Have a extended x4 right? and also the points per hour is also double? but as i have check the points did not double

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    2. Winter


      as per GM's announcement last night, double the points will continue. :(

    3. Pleasure


      I read only exp/job.

    4. princessaDBC
  3. hi sarah community.. since everyone is busy leveling this last friday, did anyone notice that we have a bug regarding the command @reward. you cant see you're spending hour, on how many hour have just pass. but since i rely on this command also to check my point and not check on the NPC point checking. after i check my point on NPC there a bug also that points dont add up (sorry for any wrong english grammar)
  4. hi sarah community.. wanna ask if the @reward command is working? cant check my reward time

    1. Raven


      Currently bugged but we are fixing it now. We apologize for any inconveniences.

    2. KoLeN01


      how sad.. i think the hour reward point also don't add up.. just notice that recently..


  5. Reporter Name: kolen IGN of the abuser:DM Senpai Screenshot/s: Remarks:happen few minutes,healing sea otter while im attacking it.
  6. hope there is exception on this if he doesn't read the rules. hope the gm will make a judgement on this.we are all equal here. pass judgement for those who violate the rules
  7. is there any specific skill or situation for skill abuser? like what i mention ice wall on pathways.. thus provoking(knight skill) may be consider a skill abuse for stealing others lure?
  8. Skill Abuser Reporter Name: Kolen IGN of the abuser: eX Zayn Screenshot/s: Remarks: blocking my way for me to lure,this happen multiple times,i did not report this during the x5 since everyone is busy, hope he will be jail for week since he did it on purpose and in multiple times.
  9. Ill-Mannered Languages/Flaming Reporter Name: Kolen IGN of the abuser: BARDADING Screenshot/s: Remarks: im busy on luring at majo then suddenly somebody pm me. saying Ill-Mannered Languages
  10. My Question is: Thus Skill Abuser are allowed at KS map? i play knight and try to lure but a wizard block my way using ice wall.. also since i am knight thus using provoke on monster to get lure on other luring may be consider as a skill abuser? or this things are part are allowed on ks map.. thanks for answering. sorry am to lazy to search topic that might have the same as mine, but i appreciate for any guidance..
  11. wooohhh 9:10 n still server is up

  12. Many thanks guys for the advise.. kinda noob here.. done editing..
  13. just edited. i haven't screenshot the whole conversation but i have screenshot his msg of "./.". having difficulty on uploading screenshot.. is there a way on how to attach file or image without reducing it to max at 72kb??
  14. Reporter Name:Mr White IGN of the abuser: Deadhunter Screenshot/s: Remarks: i play a priest on a small party. then a hunter came in asking for buff.i simple ignore it since there are mob that could wipe my small party. after that the hunter died and msg me asking for resu. i reply saying it to him "i only use my gem for party resu" and he still asking for it. then some other priest resu him. after that he give me msg "./.". to me it's a sign of dirty finger.to me thats a offensive one. hope that this is also include as ill-mannered language or behavior.
  15. yehee try tp connect at direct 4 and connected server is up i guess