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  1. Hallo, richtig, ich komme aus Deutschland. Das bedeutet, dass wir vom Inhalt her voranschreiten bis zu dem Punkt wo das Rebirth System implementiert wird und dort verbleiben. Classic bedeutet in diesem Sinne alle Inhalte vor Rebirth.
  2. Hello! 1. The server was reopened in October 2018. 2. It is wipe free but we have maintenances sometimes that require a shutdown. Normally they take less than 1 hour. 3. It is planned to stay classic. So it will progress up to the point where the rebirth system kicks in and stop there.
  3. Hey, ich weiß dass es zumindest früher mindestens einen gab der Deutschsprachig ist. Leider kann ich dir nicht sagen ob er noch hier spielt.
  4. Happy Holidays everyone! To celebrate Christmas this year we provide you with a big event full of suprises and games! We have a lot of things for you to do! Hunt Items that you can trade in for Christmas Points and use to buy cool prizes at the Christmas Trader (prontera, 160, 187). Visit Santa Claus (prontera, 151, 187) to get a gift and try to beat him in a card game. Help the Caroller (prontera, 148, 187) to build a music box. Assist Louise Kim (xmas_in, 89, 92) on her quest to make a better costume for Santa. Here are the Prizes you can gain on this event: Christmas Musicbox (Quest from Caroller) Signed Buche De Noel (Quest from Caroller) Xmas Gift (Christmas gift from Santa Claus) Different random Prizes (Winning a game of cards against Santa Claus) Santa's Bag (Quest from Louise Kim) What you can get from the Christmas Trader: Santa's Bag Buche De Noel Gold Christmas Ring Silver Christmas Ring Xmas Gift Santa's Beard Santa Hat Twin Santa Hat Frozen Twin Pompom Santa Poring Hat Antonio's Santa Hat Rudolph Santa Hat Rudolph's Nose All taming items that are in the Episode we are currently in. The Items you can trade in for Christmas Points at the Christmas Trader are the following: Candy (1 Christmas Point), Obtained from: Antonio, Santa Poring, Myst Case, Violent Box, Cookie Well-baked Cookie (2 Christmas Points), Obtained from: Antonio, Christmas Cookie, Cookie Candy Cane (3 Christmas Points), Obtained from: Antonio, Santa Poring, Myst Case, Violent Box, Cookie Piece Of Singing Crystal (5 Christmas Points), Obtained from: Violent Box Wrapping Lace (5 Christmas Points), Obtained from: Christmas Orc, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Goblin, Violent Box Wrapping Paper (5 Christmas Points), Obtained from: Christmas Orc, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Goblin, Violent Box Red Stocking (25 Christmas Points) Obtained from: Antonio You can find Antonio, Santa Poring and Violent Boxes all over Midgard, the other mobs are found in their natural habitats. We wish you a lot of fun, a good time and hope you enjoy the festivities here at RSS! The RSS Team
  5. Winterfox


    What Points are you refering to?
  6. Characters can only be deleted via the Control Panel.
  7. The calculations should be accurate as long as they use the classic mechanics. Since the monsters haven't been changed or in case of the MVPs just got their HP increased.
  8. Hello everyone, the event will start on Friday 01:00 and will go until Monday 03:00pm Server Time! What your mission will be? Go forth and collect the Poring Coins from these monsters. All monster have a 30% chance to drop it. Phen Raydric Thara Frog Big Foot Evil Druid Nightmare Zerom Smokie Frilldora Pecopeco Skeleton Worker Matyr Sting Marc Vitata Pupa Sohee Khalitzburg Argiopes Bring them all to the SNR Emissary at The items all players collect are summed up together and determine which prizes all participants of the event get. So the more Poring Coins(non-tradable) all players collect together the more and better prizes you can unlock! These are the prices you can earn: 20,000 Poring Coins - 1 x Bubble Gum Box 40,000 Poring Coins - 1 x Advanced Field Manual 10pcs 80,000 Poring Coins - 1 x VIP Ticket 30 Days 120,000 Poring Coins - 1 x Neuralizer 160,000 Poring Coins - 1 x Costume 4Leaf Clover In Mouth (15 percent Exp and non-tradable) Everyone that contributes at least 100 Poring Coins is eligible to get the prizes you all unlocked together. To check the current state of the contributions made by all players and your own contribution you can use the @events command. That's it for now, good luck and happy hunting! The RSS Team
  9. No, it should not be renamed. Botting is a bannable offense and a crime in its own regards. But there might be edge cases where they are pretty similiar, since botting in a way is advanced auto macroing. When we talk about botting it is about the abuse cases like the one you are stating yourself, people afking and casting the same skill automatically for 12 hours which gives them a unfair advantage at the end. Just because everyone can do it does not make it right or a good thing for the community. Macro use and KSing are two different things that have to be separated. It is not about actively hunting for macro users, but if they get reported there needs to be a basis of ruling for them. We won't ban anyone when we can not confirm what he did, when in doubt we do not give a sanction. It is not easy to proof but there are cases where it is possible and for those cases this ruling is created. For clarification by the way, the poll is to get a general feeling how severe players deem macro use. It will not automatically lead to us making a rule that says every Macroing is a Permanent Ban, because the poll said so. Also the arguments in this discussion will be put into consideration. Just because everyone does it does not make it a good thing for the overall community and not punishing it would also be wrong, since it still gives a unfair advantage and depending on how good the macroing is, you can automize a good amount of things. You shouldn't call things autistic just because you disagree.
  10. We do not listen to one guild. What do you think this Poll is for? This association to any guild is only in your mind. Because Gepard can not always detect it, does not make it legal. That is not correct, this decision is made by the RSS Team because we see this as gaining a unfair advantage. I banned you because of the following reasons: KSing Abusing Megaphone Macro usage Trolling Bypassing the Discord Ban with new Accounts So this not about you just stating your opinion, it is your own behaviour that brought you to this point.
  11. That isn't true. Botting is a full automatization of the player inputs to autonomously play for you. A Macro is a primitive automatization of smaller units of a process you would have to do yourself. When botting a bot plays the whole game for you. When you are using Macros the might just spam the same skill for you to farm while you are afk for example. While Macros are not as bad as botting they are still a issue which produces a big disadvantage for players that play fair and use their spare time.
  12. Because it is forbidden the question is only how hard it will be punished. The issue at hand is that people abuse macroing to farm while being afk, which puts players that play fair into a disadvantage.
  13. Actually it is hard to distinguish if someone is botting or macroing and in which degree. So the problem is if someone for example macros in a extreme case he allways can claim that he did just macro key presses to get a milder punishment.
  14. I think it ruins the fun for all honest players if in a WoE guild or not. It is pretty close to botting and gives a big advantage over others. So it shouldn't be punished too weak either.
  15. Hello everyone, we want to add a new sanction for the usage of Macros. Please tell us your opinion on how severely this crime should be punished.
  16. Hello and welcome everyone to the first updates that are incoming which are the following: Rising of the EXP and Drop rate from 1.5 to 2. Addition of Bubble Gum and Field Manual, they will be restricted to your account and you will be able to buy only 2 each per day. Limit of 2 BBG and FML per day can be raised by 1 by voting. Addition of a grace period before the reset of your reward bonus in case there is a disconnect. The Normal card drop rate has been raised to 0.02 to make it the same as the old RSS. The Shake effect has been removed. Addition of Sanctions for Botting and Macro usage. Add spawns in gl_dun02 to make afk macroing harder. Change the player report forum so that a topic is only visible to the person that started that topic. These changes will be implemented gradually over the next few days, so stay tuned. This post will be updated once everything is finished. Best regards, The RSS Team
  17. We will raise the EXP and Drop rate from 1.5 to 2. We will add Bubble Gum and Field Manual, they will be restricted to your account and you will be able to buy only 2 each per day. We will add a grace period before the reset of your reward bonus, in case there is a disconnect. Normal card drop rate will be raised to 0.02 to make it accordingly to the old RSS. Shake effect will be removed. Might be updated or changed this is not final but the current stance on things.
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