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  1. Top 1 forger will stay until everyone realized that this server is better :D

    1. Jam is yankee!
    2. Thedge


      hahaha.. we will stay until they die..

  2. Ehem /gg
  3. 1k each :D
  4. Same here straight 7 hours online and im in church since 1am but no ymir coins :th_ew:
  5. 12/10/2016 14 PCS VVS Damascus (Fire/Earth/Wind/Ice/Neutral) 1 VVS Fire Stunner (Someone Order It but bogus buyer) For VVS Orders kindly pm me here!! Thanks!! Or Leave order Here!! Please Click Link ( I Will contact you as soon as I receive your emails Thanks!!!) https://goo.gl/Bw6iw8 Prontera 142,99 - 100 CHANGE VEND POSITION TO GIVE WAY TO OTHER VENDORS type /where to find type /blacksmith to check rankings. Thanks Rok On!!!
  6. +9 buck pm me your asking price.
  7. Thanks buddy hope my weapon gives you luck in hunting :D
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hakor
  9. When farming for fabre card before maintenance then you got eggs :th_ew: Who wants Fried Poring Eggs!!!
  10. :th_e20: :th_e20: :th_e20: