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    • Super Novice Death Flag Reset are configured back to official behavior to avoid abuse in woe maps

    Mind to explain please? Did not get it

    1. Strider Hiryuu

      Strider Hiryuu

      this mean you need to relogin, because we modified it to reset every time they change map instead of relogging in

  1. Good looking forum, neat.

  2. You know the end is coming when fourm GMs log on but do not bother give post any answer....

  3. Reporter Name : Frenchie IGN of the abuser : ** Lady Shan ** (blacksmith) Trying to scam people by selling NPC's unslotted rosaries @ the average market price of a Rosary[1]
  4. Reporter Name : Frenchie / Perma The Novice IGN of the abuser : Pogiako567 (99 Blacksmith) Screenshot attached to this report Remarks : Pogiako567 tried to KS my novice on purpose 2 times in just 5 minutes ; coming from far while I'm fighting my mobs and trying to KS them (good thing @noks was enabled). The attitude is bad , and it gives an even worse image of the server when 99ers (try to) kill-steal NOVICES, you bet this kind of behaviour set some people off the server. And, as a Perma-novice main player, I've witnessed this kind of rude behaviour involving 99ers (not only them of course) quite often lately, just sad (especially for a now ~150pax server)
  5. Getting spikes and occassional DCs as well
  6. Reporter Name: Frenchie IGN of the abuser: EboK The guys tries to scam people with a misleading shop by selling NPC's regular Saber [2] at the average price of a Saber [3]
  7. Nice combo with this upcoming : https://rssboards.net/index.php?/topic/11549-suggestion-on-pvm-side-mvp-cards/page-2#entry81302
  8. Yup This event was unfair and absolutely NOT newbie-friendly from the start... It just makes the Wealthy people wealthier by offering them costumes that common players don't have. I've seen some characters flying from novice to 2nd class in a eyeblink @ payon (and they were already wearing some pricey costumes on)...
  9. That ^^
  10. Reporter : Frenchie Offender's IGN : Veau & Baste Boy Screenshot below
  11. That's how it's going to happen anyway... Massive Novice leeching, as it happened for 99.99% of the 99 novices/first classes out there I guess
  12. Downtime for maintenance is one crucial point (among some others) that RSS has to improve with. Nowadays no other server has such hefty waiting times.

  13. Ordered a weapon crafting from him today, as I did a few other times in the past and in my experience he has always been : Courteous Fast Price Competitive in the midst of RSS's Over-Priced market (He actually is the Cheapest Forger/Weapon seller eventho he's #1 Ranked) The sever is not dead as long as people like him are around /no1
  14. Active AFKers eh ? Gotta explain how it works to me =)