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  1. Hello. Just dropping by to see if we're in Trans patch yet? LOL

    1. Kas


      Drop a letter for your grandchildren. May be....just may be by then....

    2. Siegmund
    3. Gorehowl


      Well, just checking.

  2. Good afternoon, guys. Sick on a work day; the best.

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    2. princessaDBC
    3. Gorehowl


      I know, love. But still...

    4. princessaDBC


      Win or Lose, its the school we choose... /no1

  3. I found the problem with my RSS Mobile. After a couple of tests, I figured that my mobile client is crashing when I have item/s in the "P" tab in my inventory. Ran some more tests and I confirmed it. Cheers.

    1. RhyanTheGreat


      whats that for anyway? that p tab?

  4. If this happened to me, I would be in shock for a few hours.
  5. RSS Mobile is crashing when logging both my Merchants. Tried it with other classes and it's working just fine. Anyone having the same issue?

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    2. Raven


      Which maps your Merchants in?

    3. Gorehowl


      Archer Village and Morroc. However, my swordsman is also in Morroc but I can log it in with no problem.

    4. Iaa


      my assumption is the buying tix,


      lemme try when i got the energy to do so

  6. Thank you for the warm reception, guys. So far, excellent gameplay.
  7. I also vote at GTOP first because I'm also experiencing this problem. So far, 3 days, everything's going well.
  8. I also just started to play here and I am also wondering about trans patch. I believe that the main appeal of Sarah Server is 'classic Ragnarok gameplay' but who knows...
  9. Hello, everyone. Just joined Sarah Server. I hope to meet you guys in-game.

  10. Greetings! I have been looking for a good server to play Ragnarok Online again after more than eight years. I was a player at pRO Chaos and Valkyrie until 2008. A friend recommended Sarah Server; I was actually looking for a classic / pre-renewal experience just like what we had before in pRO. I particularly love the pre-renewal patch (trans) because that's the last act I played. I hope our new server will move towards that in the future. I'm planning to invest my free time playing Ragnarok again and I hope we will have a great time. See you guys in-game. Cheers!