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  1. +7 C.buckler +7 immune muffler +7 green shoes +7 fledge boots +7 hard mink coat +10 quad cursing pike +10 quad drowsy pike +10 quad stun pike Hiding rosary Low balls will be ignored.
  2. leave me a message thanks
  3. 2.5mil for Spore rosa Pm price for muscle rosa thanks
  4. is this even per account or per character? coz i did day 4 with my wiz and day 5 with my merch, will this count?
  5. worst event ever
  6. no rewards
  7. now this just ruins my motivitation to play a monk.................
  8. I read in other post that Asura strike decrease equipment defence for all classes except swordsman? Is this a nerf or a buff? I mean not only asura does ridiculous amount of damage and now it even decreases op0nents defence?? How is this a nerf? Am i misunderstanding something??
  9. Pm price on sohee shoes thanks
  10. 5.5 mil on ED card
  11. +7 aoa +7 soul enchanted shoes Pm price please <3