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  1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfAizWEhp8yjf03DbfgQzlZSD3XK1OPL1

    My video on RSS MVP Invasion event 2, not a perfect play for me but I really enjoy the event. Thanks RSS goodbye for now.

  2. In-game Name: Grim Flayer Job: Crusader Screenshot(s): see below Thank you so much RSS, Team Cono pasensya na kung wala ako sa lugar nyo solo boss hunt daw muna hehe Edit: Nawala ko ung printscreen ko for drake buti na lang meron sa folder ng RSS tho mas malinaw ung mga kuha ko at may delay sila pag nasave sa folder ng RSS The video of the event: Thanks RSS.
  3. Hinde po sir sorry.
  5. Soloing Drake MVP here:

    1. Christian Bale

      Christian Bale

      300 whites for nothing. RNG nowadays is fucking brutal!

    2. Grim/KOTR


      yeah! totally not worth it hahaha

    3. diablotamod
  6. Getting spikes too just like playing stop-dance in a children's party. DC no.
  7. got mine! Thanks for the event more SnR MVP!
  8. more pics please! hehe Any updates on the ymir coins? /heh
  9. up looking for this item!
  10. GGWP to all participants of SNR MVP!

  11. In Game Name: Grim Flayer Job: Crusader Screenshot/s: see below Special thanks to Team CONO, bry, burnoc!