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  1. Nicht darüber aufregen, bringt 0 :/ vll mal in hall of shame posten mit den screens
  2. shit i was like very grumpy when i woke up . yesterday i even decided to lay down earlier so i can play RO the more when i wake up. sorry guys for this were a hatepost, i believe you have good things to patch
  3. Ok whatever you need to patch, do so, but why do we have to wait from 12NN until 9PM i mean PM what teh fuck guys. thats over 12h. im playing from germany and you have very bad time tables. now i have to wait until its 2AM or even 4 AM in my country, not cool guys!!! AND WHY ON EARTH YOU CHOOSE to patch on 31 of oct??? who does that?
  4. //solved