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  1. Boots[1], OBB, Shoe[1], Muff[1] , Mant[1]. my job is blitzhunter so why I can't get any? I wasted 20bbg per day ffs
  2. man, you don't know how it feels like. I wake up in the morning til i sleep and gain nothing. before I sleep I almost cry and ask myself why is this happening. while other player/s gets 2,3,4,5,6 rares a day. actually I am trying not to go to prontera to see those vend things, who sell many rares they got per day while I got nothing to vend. it sucks really bad. RIP DROPRATE
  3. alright! I guess it's time to say goodbye sarah. I'm so stressed the way I play this game everyday. my effort is unmeasurable from the past few days just to gain enough farm to extend my stay here. I just realize that I am wasting time and energy. PS : the last rare I got was OCA and i believe it was 3 weeks ago.
  4. it will be 2x/2x/2x when the server is back. me killjoyful

  5. I know it's lowrate x2 drop but please even if it's x2 i should get atleast one " shoe[1] " i start farming 9am to 9pm yesterday not only yesterday but the other days. wasted time,effort and energy. I think droprate is not normal. last month the server has 3000+ players and now its only 1500-1900 players, what happen? I suggest that the server should have atleast 8hrs of happy hour x3 drop.. please bring back the good all days or this server will be a ghost town soon.
  6. hello, i am selling YoyoCard and a friend tells me that this card is high price now.
  7. sry it was july 16. 2weeks ago
  8. Reporter : bowNsaw Reported : Mr_Palengke Date Happened : July 16, 2016 http://imgur.com/SpRhdos " As you can see to our conversation, he was pertaining that he deal 13,999,999 but it was not. "
  9. Sir please help. I already submit a ticket last night. hope you guys help me out.
  10. why cant i post on hall of shame?

    1. Greed


      Only GM's are allowed to post on that section

    2. Greed


      Use player report instead

  11. why not stay with a classic one? market strategy?
  12. so how about those players with disabilities like bad vision? we can't ignore this issue i think.