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  1. With the current population in our server, one of the major player concerns is levelling- more so after the custom rebirth system has been implemented. There are a lot of players, especially the new ones without much friends, that would want to level their character up but can't find a party. Levelling parties have become rather rare nowadays--- so when there's one on, it's almost always full due to the demand for a party. With that said, I would like to suggest something that I hope would solve this problem: Increasing Party Size Limit. Maybe from 12members to maybe 16 or 20 to accomodate more players. (if the admins think this idea is good, maybe a discussion among them or with the players would be good to get the appropriate maximum party size) this could also liven up the PVP room as this would surely enhance party vs party action.
  2. Have you considered that "hypokrito" is an IGN? Trying to reason out yourself, so funny.
  3. Kindly check the timestamp of your screenshot. It's you who did the rude action. 16:54 while mine is 16:34. So sad, trying to defend himself while it's clear you're the one who's wrong. And where's the screenshot of my teammates doing a increase agi on the mobs?
  4. IGN of the Reporter: GotToBelieveInMagic IGN of the Abuser: kalabira Remarks: This uneducated hunter is ruining our party by using Arrow Shower on the lured mobs of my teammates at our spot. Kindly view the screenshots below. Screenshot/(s): t:
  5. IGN: HowToSaveALife Guild: Bunnies not Bullies Facebook Link: PM sent
  6. Hello and welcome to the server! :)
  7. IGN of the reporter: Meteor! IGN of the abuser: Yondu During WoE. Out of the blue thrashtalk.
  8. IGN of the reporter: HowToSaveALife IGN of the abuser: Yondu / Seyer This uneducated person thrash-talks from out of the blue. Kindly view the attached screenshot for more details. Thanks
  9. Hay... People these days. Please do take action. +1
  10. In-Game Name: HowToSaveALife Job: Priest Screenshots: Bonus screenshots:
  11. Endless Tower is real!

    1. P e e k a

      P e e k a


  12. I hope the MVP maces are still available and some of the monk items.
  13. Battlegrounds... Kinda addictive...

  14. ♪♫ 'Cause we're living in a world of fools, breaking us down. ♫♪

  15. IGN: HowToSaveALife Guild: none Facebook Link: PM Sent