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  1. 27m for the former, 20m for the latter
  2. I am playing around on the calculator to see the gears needed to reach 150 dex. But despite having put on all dex gear, I am sitting at 99+49. I could get the last 2 dex with an arbalest but, I remind back in time people having 99+51 dex and using composite bows. So, what am I missing? So far I have: AoA Binoculars Rocker tights 2x Zerom gloves Then 10 IC and OE and ofc job level 50. Where you should get the last 2 dex from?
  3. The update messed up brandish even more. Now, if you happen to run then stop to cast brandish and the monster you targeted ends up in your same cell, your char will say "Brandish Spear!!" and do the casting animation, but you won't see the green effect and no damage will be dealt. The damage appears to be reverted, now enemies that are closer, take less damage than the one that are further away.