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  1. No, they don't. Just rank 1~10.
  2. What time (server time-ph time) you will be available friday 25th for brewing? Send me for pm or here yours possible ign. thank you .
  3. "One step forward and you're no longer in the same old place."
  4. Last server that i played, a "friend" of mine steal my maya purple (0.10%). I don't think it's enough to kill somebody is it? haha I just quit, and move on! People where you from are dangerous! lol Serious, you have a good point. People need to know that this is for fun.
  5. That moment when you think in create a new char and already know that you don't will get any party!

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    2. Sprakatooters


      im gonna be late a lil bit. can we start 12am server time? :D

    3. Siegmund


      I've been wanting to make a brewer/bolter but I dropped the idea for the exact same reason hahaha :V

    4. Sprakatooters
  6. I never liked gif sign, didn't work very well, but the first one was the best of all, i think it's because i like 'clean' things. You need to work more in typography, typography is everything! The sprites are not sharpen, i think are the sizes. I stopped a long time ago to spend my time on Photoshop, and I remember when I started, I suck, your work for start it's very good. Just remember; Everything it's about creativity, inovation & imagination.
  7. Rip @autoloot.
  8. Still brewing? On a porcentage, with 500 you got how many? ps: blue potion.
  9. Welcome back. I stopped 5 years ago too from a straight 6 years playing. But, i'm here too :)
  10. I have plans to build a Battle-Sage, i already did one in pre-renewal a time ago. I've just got the idea this week to try here. btw go payon, c'mon. :^)
  11. Reporter Name: Nergal IGN of the abuser: Soldier Of God Remarks: KS me, after i said that i'll report him he said this. And throwing mobs to kill me. Screenshot/s: Reporter Name: Nergal IGN of the abuser: Bidas Farmer Remarks: Throwing mobs to kill me. 3 times i think. This guy it's really from Limit Breaker? sad! Screenshot/s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpFlXmKl42Y&feature=youtu.be
  12. How much?
  13. Peach Tree it's not to be STAND STILL? LOL

    1. Belphomet


      Nope. It moves, albeit slowly. It always has and it always will.

  14. GJ 470z- Rest In Peace!