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  1. I'll buy the +5 VVVS DAMASCUS. PM me in game. CrazyKariton
  2. Same case for me too. I've been there since the first shout/announcement. Yet I did not received Ymir. :((
  3. Well, instead of paying that pig. Pay for more servers (direct/proxy), like 5 or more (if that won't hurt the pocket). Let him burn all his energy and time attacking them 1 by 1. Imagine that guy attacking 15 servers all day. Very productive work for him. lawl!
  4. 16m for AEE
  5. As the topic says. BUYING: +0/4 ghost bandana -- 8.7m +4 speedy thief clothes -- 3m +4 mtb boots -- 3.7m +4 bapho jr muff -- 7m 2pcs Athletic brooch -- 6m ea
  6. it probably be because of map crash. let's wait for the GM's to fix this issue. meanwhile, babe time!
  7. I am now starting to get pissed regarding this matter tbh. It has already been 2 weeks ffs. Can you (GM TEAMS) even give us an update about this? We felt that we are somehow lost somewhere in the galaxy thinking. Boooo!
  8. I am still waiting for my Donation PODS and Attendance Freebies. I donated in the venue. Ticket #2712: GEB Donates
  9. Hi, I don't know where to post this so forgive me if this is the wrong section for this post. As the title says, I am still waiting for the update of my donation. I donated personally in GEB in Flight Resto bar QC. It has been 4 straight days since. I already sent a ticket about this but there's no update from any GM team about it. Weekend is near, and my plan is to use the points to grind on saturday and sunday with PREMIUM aura. Is there any way to speed up the process? Or am I forgotten? Hope not. I am looking forward for any news regarding this matter. I've been constantly refreshing the forum for any updates but there's none. Sad.
  10. IC Layout Design Engineer. From schematic to mask designs/physical designs. Basically, I place and wire passive and active devices of a given schematic into a specific technologies (nano/micro).
  11. HM for 2x rosary with spore?
  12. Ticket #2712: GEB Donates
  13. 110+
  14. Early Bird is on the same time? 5am to 7am? Please confirm this because AFAIK. Most shop's in TOMAS MORATO opens in the afternoon. Thanks Here's the Business Hours of the venue. This is according to Zomato.
  15. You seems to be more arrogant than the person you reported. I also got a couple of zargons in my kafra. How much of them do you really want to shut your mouth and just play this game? Besides, you already stated that this game is an strategy game and you are playing a MMORPG ma'am. You should understand that there are really some people that you may hate or hate you in this game. By just a couple of zargons/herbs and etc, this whole thing is'nt worth it. Won't make you a better Lady Love, Lady Cupcake, Lady Sugar or whatever lady you are. Cupcake & Sugar, seems sweet. Love, but I see hate here. And trolls? Who are the trolls? Perhaps, you could ask some of your GM friends to verify. :3