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  1. People trying to sell wind of verdure for 7k. I can't ever even find a rough wind for under 50k to make my own weapons, how do you get it for so cheap?
  2. I'm assuming you've allowed it inside of windows firewall, correct? And turned off any antivirus/firewall programs you run separately when trying to patch?
  3. What exactly do you mean by that? It sounds to me like you just need to delete all RO related items, unzip the game files in a different directory and try again there. I play on a Win10 PC and a Win10 laptop with no problems, I don't see why it would be an operating system issue
  4. Only ~20 min downtime and less than 1 minute rollback. Nice work GMs <3
  5. Eh I don't think so. I need to delete a character, and the system isn't letting me. I'm guessing it just crashed and they're getting it started again. Hopefully no rollback? D:
  6. I'm just hopeful all the people who are able to restart the server aren't all drunk at the GEB right now :(
  7. They announce when they are doing it, seems to happen about ever 2-3 weeks and happens on Tuesdays (?). Last one was on the 18th, so you have a few weeks to wait now. I need to delete a character as well, just keep a look out for it http://community.sarahserver.net/index.php?/forum/2-news-and-announcement/ :th_e20:
  8. Bwahaha awesome man, fellow FL man here. I don't want to have to go to the beach for mine though :( P.S. :50 mark for your 18+ entertainment!
  9. Yeah this is probably why some people don't want to make a video. Just film your pet and talk if people are going to be this way @humaranggiba6 awesome man! NY represent! Looking forward to seeing where other people are out there!
  10. Does 'boob' in Pinoy mean the same thing as 'boob' in English?
  11. I think that's a cool idea for international players. If you don't want to take a video of yourself, make a video of your cat or something? Or put a bag over your head :p
  12. It looks like they're luring them over and not running away to me, who comes right into a corner like that with a bunch of mobs to "run away from them"? Kinda poopy. I would recommend a different leech spot though, mines is tough without having to constantly babysit your leecher. Just got my BS to job 50 at clock tower, really easy there.
  13. I think his name is Balphomet, correct me if I'm wrong. Fella plays a monk, and for the past two weeks I have been farming in CT with my rogue and my hunter. This guy gives me agility up everytime he sees me, no questions asked then goes about his way. It's just awesome to have that attitude in there. CT has been rough, it's the only place so far where I've had to use @noks because of some bad apples who just attach whatever you are and take your loot like it's their own. But not this Monk! Thanks for being a kind player, most people are on this server but you are a good monk in a dark place!
  14. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the name 'blind' what does that mean?
  15. FYI, alchemists buy immortal hearts like mad. I was looking for new farm areas the other day and went to the pyramid, made ~300k in just a few hours by selling immortal hearts from verits. Another good chunk of change came from the 1,000+ rotten bandages I vendored :D