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  1. See ya somewhere out there... Goodluck to those who will stay...
  2. IGN: Thedge Guild Name: None Facebook Link: PM sent
  3. haha, i missed the AH.. lame
  4. how are you folks? ^^, any1 quit? give me your items, i'm willing to accept.. ^__^

  5. tnx creme, hahaha, need loki coz we're still weak..
  6. put some picture plss... thank you
  7. how about for lokis build?
  8. where are you creme? need to ask something, ^^,

    1. Creme
    2. Thedge


      hahaha.. too bad for you krustyy.. anyways, more tbx to creme..

  9. welcome to the server sir!!! join my guild if u like.. Laevis Drifters = guild for newbies/farmers/afkers/warpers who are active ^^
  10. LFP>75 Bard/67 Aco Soon Monk ^__^ IGN: Cledge and SnoWedge

  11. Nice Creme...
  12. GM can trace some past transactions, if GM are Online.. his account will get banned but your items cannot be retrieve..
  13. Reporter Name: Laevis IGN of the Abuser: Pritong_Kandule, Spice Girl & sishee Screenshot/s: Remarks: Lokis Skill Abuser, this is the 3rd party that they want to destroy at magma dungeon.. Their party name was LIKOS! and there was a priest involved to support the bard and dancer who were casting Loki's Veil.. I reported this coz the 2nd party tought that this Loki's doing was mine, and the 1st party that destroyed is the previously party where i'm in and our party end up disbanding.. All i think that these 3 chars was doing it coz it might be quitting and they don't care if they get ban. GM should trace their IP address so they would know that this is not my doing. Tnx 1st Party were wiped coz of these.. 2nd party were wiped but they still hold the spot.. 3rd party is where the Abuser are currently casting Loki's Veil at mid magma..
  14. hahaha, AH daw gs2 nya acel... ^__^ ayaw nya cap[1] akin nlng cap[1] mo if pwde. hihih
  15. Reporter Name: DarthanieL IGN of the abuser: shoeGame Screenshot/s: Remarks: Ill-mannered