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  1. I miss all my workmates. Strider, Raven, Mouse, Sky, RoJe, Sergeant. Hope you guys are doing fine. Wish it didn't end this way. :(. I miss the fun. and everything.

    1. Strider Hiryuu

      Strider Hiryuu

      I will still be here even after RSS Restart

  2. Great things come to those who wait.

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    2. Hyper


      @LASPINAS #1 MostWanted. - let's wait for the update dear *wink.


      @maikeru - ofcouse you guys aren't seenzone. *wink

    3. J i K s @ n i t Y

      J i K s @ n i t Y

      @Hyper - wow really? hahah aside from door prizes? really... I hope it's not PAASA :((

    4. maikeru


      @hyper please relay my message to Mouse haha thanks thanks :D

      #Greatthingscometothosewhowait. /heh

  3. Some pictures from last night's event. Thank you players for attending~ Good luck on your future battles~
  4. I want to extend my greatest thank you to all the people who made this event wonderful. to all the players and the team as well. double thank you to those people who finished the event just to wait for the raffle winners. Congratulations to our international players who won the raffle.

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    2. princessaDBC


      Thanks to all the staff!

    3. Apokalips


      thanks to all the admins.. nice to have a chat with you gm hyper.. long live the RN gamers!

    4. mstermerck


      Thanks and nice to see you Hyper... O_O

  5. Welcome to Sarah server~ Enjoy your adventures. /no1
  6. In addition to everything, Some of the problems that we encounter regarding player to player interaction is that some players don't want to compromise. A good recommendation in cases like what chase experienced is that his party can and should adjust. Because if we are going to jail a merchant for just being so eccentric and for doing his business in a very busy place. Then it would be somehow unfair right?. unless rectifications will be made (new rules / regulations will be added) A thought to ponder-
  7. Hi there chase, Basically the merchant class has the ability to open up their stores (buying or selling) to different places, regardless even if it's a dungeon or a field or a town. I noticed that sometimes it could really interfere specially if it was opened in the middle of a party. Ethically it could be very disrespectful, However as long as rulings are concerned we have no concrete or specific rule / regulation that prohibits merchants from opening their stores even in extreme places like magma dungeon.~
  8. 1,631 players as of tonight, not bad. Happy levelin mighty players of Sarah~

  9. To those who want to delete their character/s, now is the right time.~ https://sarahserver.net/?module=account&action=delete

  10. This is really unfortunate, You should always enable the Do not drop item by ticking the check box on your inventory (ALT + E). Scam as defined is a dishonest scheme or a fraud. (The player picked up the item because definitely anything on the floor is considered lootable) Again as much as we want to help you out, the incident that happened to you is not considered as a scam. Moreover an accident (by dropping it), you always need to be careful.~
  11. admirable tenacity. I believe I have overlooked this one my fault then it's one of the best things that will be coming soon. Yes kas, the team has prepared lots of surprises for the players. thank you for participating in this poll.
  12. Thank you for the feedback Captain, Have you tried posting your wonderful idea on the suggestion section of this forum?
  13. Guys if you have spare time, kindly fill out this survey poll. http://community.sarahserver.net/index.php?/topic/10225-survey/

    1. Kas


      We play RO. Ofcourse we got spare time lol