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  1. @bebelab1313 https://rssboards.net/index.php?/topic/1142-how-to-attach-image-in-your-post/
  2. The resemblance is uncanny.
  3. Thank you (^^v)
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone! (^^v)

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    2. acel18


      Merry Christmas too...

    3. Grim/KOTR
    4. Kas


      Same to you, don't close THAT thread.

  5. Yes just report them all. We silence them when we're on patrol but please feel free to report anybody who speaks non-English in channels & shouts. (^^v)
  6. Skill abuse + Ill-Mannered Languages. On an event site too. (^^v)
  7. Please follow this format for reporting. http://community.sarahserver.net/index.php?/topic/89-how-to-report-a-player/ Players are allowed to chat in whichever language they prefer in public (all) chat. The 'English Only' policy is for when you use any of our IRC channels in @channel (market, main & recruit) and when using 'Megaphone'.
  8. Quick server restart to fix Map Crash.

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    2. ampamp160


      hehehe ^_^ gm epervier why is that im the only one who still dont recieve the bunny top hat costume T_T gg

    3. Epervier


      @ampamp160 Kindly file a ticket together with your IGN and state that you're one of the FS Event Winners.


    4. ampamp160


      ok ok po thanks po ^_^


  9. It was announced Thursday that the WoE for Saturday will be cancelled.
  10. We're looking into it guys. (^^v)
  11. The player must go inside the Prontera church before 04:00AM (server time) to join the event. The player must stay inside the church until the Misa de Gallo event ends.
  12. Tickets are usually being checked on a daily basis. PODS are placed on accounts after payments had been confirmed via tickets for non-cc payments.