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  1. Here are the possible workaround to XPRO's common problems, "Failed to Connect" or "Disconnected to Server" We suggest you connect using Wi-Fi or faster internet connection instead of using LTE/4G/5G data connection. One possible fix for this is by clearing the cache file, or by re-installing XPRO. Black screen or stuck on loading screen The XPRO is constantly downloading it's cache file as you play along the game. If you are experiencing this kinds of problem, you must let the game download the cache file that's why we suggest you use Wi-Fi when using XPRO rather than using LTE/4G/5G data connection. Screen resolution error Double tap the screen with two fingers and/or use two fingers sliding it in and out to adjust the camera angle. If you happen to experience bugs or glitches, kindly report it to us so we can address it as soon as possible.
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