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  1. I know Daedalus pretty well, I know that keeping a castle at the end of woe has never been their goal, and I'm not at all criticizing them for that matter, I would even say that I would most probably do the same if I were them. But don't mix keeping a castle at the end and trying to break a castle during woe. Daedalus clearly tried for a big part of woe to break the emp, and it was obvious from the start (except towards the end, or maybe a bit earlier when they just fall back after winning a gvg at 1st floor and coming back quickly when they loose one). Daedalus play style is really aggressive and ECA has a lot to learn from it, no doubt about it. I'm rather pointing out here, that making a vid like this is pointless, if you want to show only clean gvgs, then put all clean gvgs and add a scoreboard, or something similar, but not showing at all when loosing, in a woe where Daedalus lost quite a few clean gvgs too, is for me quite frustrating to watch, and very unfair. It's his video, he does whatever he wants, but I simply had to point out the obvious here, that's all, I just hope next time he won't be as biased because I usually enjoy watching his vids.
  2. After each gvg win you cut and start another gvg even closer to the entrance... makes me wonder if you know where the emperium actually is And please don't only show the gvgs you won and cut it right after, show until the end, until you die, be a man These kind of vids make me wanna do a vid myself just to show what really happened, even if it's no big deal.
  3. WOE VID:

    1. Pikachu


      teach me how to do video editing senpai :p

    2. broly


      :) 1st you gotta choose a good guild to play with, 2nd you gotta choose a song you like aaaand VOILA, you got your vid (PS: dont edit out your fails, these are the best parts xD)


      Now teach me how to catch them all senpai :D

  4. Happy New Year RSS! #no1ROcommunity #thx4yourSupport

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    2. Lavender
    3. broly


      It won't be dead, there is still much more players playing here than on most servers. Stop saying these kind of things, it doesn't help anyone. #LongLiveRSS

    4. Kas


      Broly's RSS game is lit.

  5. Thanks for the support! #BESTcommunity #LongLiveRSS

    1. Kas


      You are welcome.

  6. @Strider: may I have an update about my laptop please? It's been almost 2 months now and still nothing, now you won't answer any of my emails for the past 2 weeks. Last email I got from you was "Hello, i will update you tomorrow." December 7th 2016. Please don't do this to me, Christmas is coming and I want to play on Sarah Server. Thanks, Broly.

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    2. nhorz
    3. Epervier


      Apparently shipping electronics (for personal use) to your country of Mauritius is tricky or prohibited even. • Raven™ • has asked me to message you. Please drop her a PM here in forums for more info.

    4. broly


      @Epervier: I gave 2 addresses, one in Mauritius Island and one in Europe/Hungary, I doubt shipping to EU is also tricky or prohibited... my main concern was that I had no replies for 2 weeks, although Strider said he will update me the next day. Anyway, I hope Raven will be able to help.

  7. @Adobo: please use a different emblem for your extension, I don't think its fairplay to have the same for both guilds
  8. A real gamer:
  9. I don't understand why so many people cry about Adobo, if you want to gvg, go gvg in another castle. If you atk Adobo, be prepared to face an alliance. Nobody said you can't ally too. I would like to see a new alliance form which can face AE alliance, that might be interresting. It is quite tricky because you can hurt your so called allied too. Hopefully guilds like Savage/Dae/322/MYM/etc do it, I will try to convince Savage...
  10. -you know what, just before next woe, lets patch and double everyone's hp -next time lets make the emp only 1hp so as even a novice can break it -add a fake emp next to the real one just to confuse players -remove the emp and replace it with warp which warps you to another castle @PivotPlane: won't you complain about these if they were to be implemented just before woe? Don't mix everything and start saying that we didn't have a good strategy and that we should improve, how could you possibly prepare yourself for these changes? (I'm sure I could have found better examples, but I think you got the point)
  11. I don't blame AE nor any other guilds, only the admin, i bet he didn't even think it would matter at all. It clearly affected Savage during woe while we tried to fight against 3 times our numbers for 2 hours straight. Imagine that Gandalf would have never arrived, what would have happen to the Lord of the Rings trilogy Same goes for the emp, it never broke and we all died
  12. you'd make a good Paris Hiltion, nice roleplay man
  13. On normal official servers you never reset castles. I still don't understand why you had to reset because of the cup, since the cup requires a new owner of the castle for it to get the points. And since when eco and def are 100 when you reset a castle, I doubt it has ever been like this on official servers, because if they do so, for example on a SE castle, a guild just takes it and do a godly without ever investing into eco and def. It's simply illogical to put them to 100. Sometimes I really wonder what goes through your mind when you do such things. TL;DR Most importantly, why reset the castles in the first place? I see no reason to do so. And if you do so, why put eco and def to 100? What is the logic behind it? Official servers never ever did, nor will they ever do such silly things.