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  1. IGN: Teucris Screenshot:
  2. Abang abang yung mga nasa "look who's online" hehehe Whaddup Y'all!

  3. I am still experiencing it now. app's updated.
  4. When you've waited more than a month and...



  5. IGN: MomoyManII Facebook Link: PMed
  6. *slow clap* slow clap* Rebirth of the forums and hopefully the server Transcends from the status quo.

  7. Also, I'm looking for Top 10 VVS fire and wind stilettos. Thanks! You may PM me in game: +Waddles+ or MomoymanII
  8. You can directly chat with the support team on their website( http://sarahserver.net/ ).
  9. PM or leave offer please. Thanks!
  10. We're left for dead.

    1. JanjaN


      hinihintay nlng magsawa


  11. Or PM me here?
  12. Please leave best offer. Thanks!
  13. Upsy Daisy!