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Jam is yankee!

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  1. IGN: Jinx! Job: Hunter
  2. Miss you!

    1. Jam is yankee!

      Jam is yankee!

      Miss you too! Balik na ikaw!

    2. Pleasure
    3. Jam is yankee!

      Jam is yankee!

      Uy Lee anong balita sayo? Kaylan ikaw babalik?

  3. May kasabihan nga tayo. Nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Tinigilan kana namin pero anong sabi mo sakin? Hindi ka titigil no? :)) Hindi kana sana irereport kasi friend ka ni Drea pero makulit ka eh yan tuloy. Gawa kana lang bago tapos mag farm ka tutal 300m naipon mo in less than 2 months. Goodluck po! AJA!
  4. Same day but different player.
  5. Same day different player.
  6. IGN of the reporter : Fujimiya Kaori / Fiction IGN of the abuser: Yondu https://postimg.org/image/o31f4ewiz/ https://postimg.org/image/omc7s5kz3/ https://postimg.org/image/hkea5yhdb/
  7. How about making the Costume : Bunny Top Hat tradable? As you made the other costume prizes tradable after that.

  8. Monster race is not working ATM please fix >.<

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    2. Jam is yankee!

      Jam is yankee!

      Oo nga :( Pero atleast malapit na ako. 99 na lang kaylangan ko nasira pa :(

    3. (n_n)(T_T)(O_O)


      ikaw kase nakasira pahinga ka daw muna ahahh XD

    4. Jam is yankee!
  9. 500 poring coins for Dying Will >.<

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    2. Greed
    3. Jam is yankee!

      Jam is yankee!

      No, it was the same. I already spent 3m and I only got 60 poring coins as of now. >.<

    4. Greed


      440 coins to go XD

  10. My other concern is they made the prizes tradable which is unfair to the winners of previous event (Fansign event).
  11. Party Name : Deviant Misfits IGNs: Flareon Whiskey Mong Ji Jessie of Team Rocket Tomia Hanks Lady Scarlet --> Admire Fujimiya
  12. screengrab Welcome to Sarah Server