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  1. "Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence."
  2. "If all women in this world get big boobs, not only can they all live in comfort, but men's true dreams can also take flight!"
  3. Try to use an administrative windows account.
  4. You don't like pokemons?
  5. Don't bring your worn out scroll in your inventory yet as you taking the quest. Kafra it first. Always make a perfect score in the QnA part of the test. You should be in a streak perfectly. The bribe shall come out after 5 - 7 failed attempts. Watch out for it and don't spam Enter key in NPC conversation. This quest would be quick if you do this around before dawn where little or no one in the quest room queue. Good Luck with the quest as what they say... "Patience is a virtue... I think"
  6. "A sweet lie that would not hurt anyone, it wouldn't be bad to have one of those once in a while."
  7. "Almighty God, why do you not love all your children equally?"
  8. Looking forward of what would admins react to this.
  9. "Just don't get caught. If nobody's caught, it's not a crime."
  10. What I enjoy in ragnarok is it's WOE where we violently clashing and colliding each other. I love it so much that I even have to play it in my smartphone.
  11. The server uses ENGLISH language as it's main. All texts shall be read in English preconception and understanding. This should be fine. Only unhealthy minds take this as offensive.
  12. "If I were to hate your perverted side I would be denying your entire existence."
  13. This might help. Gepard Fix
  14. Lag issue shall also comes into play while dealing with aftercast delays.
  15. can I also have a copy of Triple Attack? Also, Plagiarism copy DS? Rogue already have DS right? Still copying that skill....