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  1. Thank you for forging a weapon for me <3
  2. It's so hard to farm. lol. I'm so lazy lazy lazy.

    1. princessaDBC


      It's so hard to review. lol I'm so sleepy sleepy sleepy.

  3. It's like a third party software / app. can use to auto spam a certain hotkey. example F1.
  4. I read that also, haven't seen the effect occur. (I tried my bard use idun overlap with a bard's brag) the dissonance didn't appear. I tried several times.
  5. I restore to factory default. when ur bored with 10. go back with 8. :)
  6. I'm super excited. :) bring soap and shampoo. lol I was not informed Geffen will become Divisoria. thank you so much a super successful event.
  7. that feeling when you went to all rounds and still.....
  8. Reporter Name: Hotohori IGN of the abuser: Aixen Vendor Screenshot/s:
  9. I don't need a hair stylist, my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.
  10. They'll make it 13 for you. /heh
  11. I personally believe in Karma, if he pestered you in that way I do believe he'll experience the same later on. karma is so digital nowadays. I've experienced it myself. I looted an elunium in GH from somebody. after 2 mins. it happened to me twice!. /sob
  12. that feeling when you became an instant "aliping sagigilid".
  13. before I have outbursts like this, and I get stressed when there's no team play, but I realized /leave was created for a reason. running away from toxic people gives you a better chance to party with great ones.
  14. it's not me who reporte you. I just saw the post here on forums. but I guess rules are rules. you just need to hope that the GMs will be lenient on you.