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    too cool for you bro
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    Next to your heartbeat where I should be...

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  1. Ragna Fest!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. champagne supernova

      champagne supernova

      nag PlayRO kba ? if ever go alde :th_gawi:

    3. princessaDBC


      not playing anymore :th_sob: mishuuuguys:th_lv:

    4. champagne supernova

      champagne supernova

      then play again, play PlayRO go alde may leeching party ang LB

  2. There's still hope...
  3. Welcome to the server! Enjoy playing!
  4. Welcome to the server! Enjoy Playing!
  5. How's everyone? :)

    1. Mighty One

      Mighty One

      Still alive, you ?


    2. princessaDBC


      doing great thanks! 

  6. 8 missed calls from him this morning? LOLOL #moveonBes #deadsnadeads

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    2. princessaDBC
    3. jldg.terabyte


      Khit sino naman, basta katulad mo bakit hinde? Kahit isang araw ko pa ubusin ko kakamiscol sayo mapinsin mo lang

    4. princessaDBC


      @jldg.terabyte, sasgutin ko call pag ikaw ;)