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  1. Hey. Played when online was 1000+. Now came and ofigel - 10 people maximum. what happened? I understand that the server has died, the people have broken up, but it can not be just for half a year to die the server from 1000 to 10 ... Maybe something happened which I do not know about? It's just really interesting. translated
  2. Thanks sa lahat ng tumulong ( XERN JAM JIN CONO KIM ) Love ko kayo <3 HAHA Thanks din sa lahat ng Winter Sonata 80 Screenshots with MVP LOGO 11 Screenshots without MVP LOGO In-game Name: Toujou Koneko Job: Monk Screenshot(s screen capture windows here are the photos without MVP LOGO images upload picture share
  3. Party Name: Basic Party Leader: Toujou Koneko Members Party Member: C o n n o i s s e u r Party Member: (R O A N) Party Member: Innocence Party Member: Dicks out for Harambe Party Member: 24K Magic
  4. Look at your guild , you guys have like tons of report. " Collide Gaming is so Real "
  5. That's why, you we're actually Provoking the Majo, YES? of course you will say NO and BTW, crying over a lure against a priest is a bad idea :) it shows that your poor knight cannot match the luring ability of a priest
  6. hypokrito is a knight .. LOLOLOL . so my question is are you a hypocrite?
  7. +1 Collide xD
  8. HAHAHA +1 basta collide xD
  9. ahh collide xD
  10. IGN: Bunnies Sage Guild: Bunnies not bullies XD Facebook Link:https://www.facebook.com/mharvs143
  11. Free 7 days VIP for rebirth <3

    1. Strider Hiryuu

      Strider Hiryuu

      yes we have  free 1 week vip every after rebirth

  12. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=19409&itv=6&url_sname=Ragnarok Sarah Server