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  1. RIP? :( Thanks for the memories T_T

  2. sorry, I don't know your language and could only reply in english.
  3. GMs became inactive, players moved servers, and finally, an official server launched, hence the current population. The server will restart soon, but characters and equipment will stay (based on server owner's post).
  4. is it possible to turn off the basic (blue) aura for rebirthed characters? It kinda destroys how cool the auras are. Or maybe even just a switch to turn them on or off. .-. current look: suggested look: p.s. special thanks to my models Panis and Dennyy ahahah XD
  5. As prontera and geffen agits are closed, their corresponding guild dungeons are both out of reach for us players. Is it possible to connect 2 guild dungeons to one castle? I think it would be cool for alde castle to have a dungeon entrance for alde and geffen guild dungeon, and for payon castle to have payon and prontera guild dungeon. What do you think?
  6. baby wiz can do it :D
  7. In-game Name: xernii Job: Baby Wizard Screenshot(s): 6 uncaught 15 caught (150) + (750) = 900 ymir 1 ifrit <3
  8. Rebirth-ed chars no longer need to do the job quests to advance; however, this is not true for the archer class. For some reason, they still need to do the trunk-gathering quest where you need a total of 30(?) points to become an archer. Due to this quest, even if you were once a priest, upon rebirth you could change into an archer! however, even after reaching job 50, you won't be able to change into hunter! hence, the character is "stuck" in the archer state. ----------------------------- Maybe this is so because of the male-female sensitivity of the archer class due to the bard - dancer jobs. Baby novice characters also can't take the archer quest for some reason. This hints that the script for the archer job change is different from the other job quest scripts.
  9. pay_fild01 (upper left corner, there's this 1 cell thin alley in the dark part of the map, if you use flywing you might luckily(?) get there. gef_fild04 cache, same with pvp izlude amatsu you've seen it in discord, dark side of the map lutie town and field (check buffs, it gets bugged there and it gets veryyyyyy laaaaaaag) morroc town (upper left, can walk through walls) fellow players, feel free to add other maps if you discover any bugged areas.
  10. All Traps - Can be pushed, but due to Arrow Shower and Magnum Break requiring a target, this may prove slightly more difficult. false. The only skill that is able to push traps is Sightrasher. another bug is with the combo of pushing an enemy into a trap. E.g. Arrowshower/Charge arrow enemy to a freezing trap. The arrowshower/charge arrow damage breaks the freeze. I think this is also true for sandman trap.
  11. I've noticed something regarding venom dust in this server. I've always known that venom dust causes poison to anything that is poison-able, where even if you have 90 vit, you'd still get poisoned 100% of the time, but here, it's like there's a counter like every second it will "try" to poison the targets within the area so if you have decent vit, you won't get poisoned right away. In my experience, as long as you are not 100% immune to the poison status, you'd get poisoned as long as you're in the venom dust area. Here, if you have around 50 vit, it'd take a while before you get poisoned if you stay in the venom dust area. I'm still not sure if it's true for all, but that's what I know about venom dust.
  12. "Throw Stone - Flat 30 damage. 5% chance to stun." it also causes blind?
  13. ain't it supposed to drop what it normally drops? This is the first server I've been to where it doesn't drop anything. http://irowiki.org/classic/Summon_Marine_Sphere Summoned Marine Spheres will drop typical Marine Sphere monster drops. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Summon_Marine_Sphere Summoned Marine Spheres will drop typical Marine Sphere monster items unless they die before exploding.
  14. "There is an additional 3% increase on (B/J)EXP requirements." so it means it's harder to level up the more times you rebirth? (upto 15%?) if so, better correct the info displayed via @rebirthstatus since it's misleading XD it says "Additional Exp Gain" that makes players think they'd get more EXP.