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  1. hate to go off topic here, but is the farmers club still up?
  2. posted many times on it's actual stats when I played here....with definitive evidence. Also reported the 2 Gemstone cost bug (which is a bug...) Looks like VS has neither been properly reverted or had it's bugs fixed. Sad.
  3. There was a guy I knew on a previous classic server that made a magic based battle sage. He would cast on the target, then start autoattacking. his flee meant that his cast usually succeeded...and in the meantime the enemy would get pelted with lvl 1 bolts right before getting slammed by a lvl 10. it was interesting to watch, but sadly I do not remember his build and setup....but I will note that it was INT/AGI/DEX basically.
  4. Lack of flee? agi wizard + whisper + quag has no shortage of fleeing ability. But yea, the general common builds cannot flee.
  5. I'm actually making a PvP agi wiz down the line, as for now, quagmire doesn't affect the caster or allies (correct me if I'm wrong here, but that is it's classic setting)....so with about 200 flee I can quag myself and anyone who tries to attack me at range (infinite quag huehue) to make for a VERY difficult target....nvm SW (maxed) and IW (which I will have at 7). lvl 1 SG, max FP, SC, SS, quag, and JT...and finally lvl 1 sightthrasher to knock FPs around. Only problem is it's a very hard mage to level as literally every point goes into pre-reqs. Anyone tried this before?
  6. based on....? Have you read the various arguments for or against? I voted for removal, and I'm swimming in reward points. It's simply a case of perspective and priorities if you ask me. I personally voted in favor of removing them because I saw that it could potentially become an actual problem down the line and personally believe it currently negatively impacts the SP healing item market (via removing any reasons to actually farm and sell any of them, since GJ, with it's superior SP healing to weight ratio, is so damn easy to get that theres no point in anything else...)
  7. Didn't exist till rebirth and was balanced for rebirth (get the alchemist a high blvl quickly, can kill a SinX in PvP) and was most likely also made with the fact that parties were rare and alchemist needed them to level in mind....which doesn't apply to this server.
  8. Doesn't exist yet I think O.o
  9. Battle sage roughly as well as wizard (which can solo MvP. Crusader? not sure. As far as vit on a knight goes, I'd get 100 because it's not hard and makes you a super tank. The same knight can even double for WoE AND PvP. I should also add that if done right, the mammo spamming BS makes much more money than it loses MvPing with mammo...and much like the knight the same build can double for both PvP and WoE (a distinct advantage that only those two classes seem to share...looks like gravity loved them lol). You can also make an agi wizard: whisper card and double Chon Chon card while in quag makes for a VERY dodgy character...dodgy enough to briefly tank an MvP...especially if you put a safety wall up first. Cast lvl 1 SG on your self and watch the mob freeze while lower tier MvPs' attacks simply miss repeatedly. Especially effective if you wall yourself in with icewall first so the MvP doesn't even reach you until just before you finish casting.
  10. Sees someone update status complaining about 1995 players online as if it's low. Remembers how one year ago I was geeking out about a classic server haveing 200 online. Guess some people have high standards @.@

  11. BS spamming mammo is actually faster, can outdo party with wiz or hunter DPS, but if your not expecting to have to steal from hunters or parties, knight is better because cheaper.
  12. Hmm... PvP is a completely different meta than WoE. Sins CAN kill in PvP, with a variety of methods. My word of advice? What works for PvP seldom works for WoE when it comes to sins, so you'll probably need a completely different build. Also, prepare to look at your class in a completely different light.
  13. Your problem is your focused entirtely on DPS. DPH? Don't care. Status? not even looking in that direction. Assassins are NOT DPS. I repeat, assassins will NEVER be a killer pre-rebirth, that is not their role. It never was. It never will be. Sonic Blow is *burst* damage, and imo, it's more a leveling skill than anything else. It CAN be used on a 120 STR build in WoE when you have nothing better to, but that is not the primary skill or even one of the primary skills an assassin should be using even at 120 STR. Grimtooth does shit damage, but that was never the point of using the skill. Put a curse arrow and status katar on a sin, watch an entire guilds worth of knights under 100 vit become perma-cursed. Now they do less damage and move slower, making them take more damage, burning more pots. Put VDs at every portal and choke point, watch anyone without vit immunity get poisoned. Thats more people than you think. Again, more pots wasted. Now compare the stability of an assassin's damage on the emp to a knights. Their peak damage under ideal conditions is roughly the same, but when both are fully debuffed, the sin blows the knight out of the water, and furthermore the DD sin always beats the knight in DPH (damage per hit)...making them ideal emp thieves. Think assassin is a poop class? Maybe your just poop at playing it because your focusing on all of the wrong things. It's kinda the equivilent of complaining that sage sucks because it's magic damage can never even approach a wizards and it has nearly no AoEs. Obviously, whoever says that has missed the point of using a sage in WoE.
  14. As inastra point end out, there are plenty of good reasons to join. I personally didn't care one way or the other about the grape juices initially. But then I noticed things like that after AFKing a few days SP wasn't a problem anymore, even on my 1 int hunter. And that's just the tip of the spear. The truth is the issue is far more complicated, and when that became clear, a discussion was raised and a suggestion made. At the time of this posting The vote is 10 points for removing GJ, 5 points against, and 2 for a compromise... So evidently it isn't as ridiculous as your painting it to be.
  15. So far the only thing I've seen from the opposition is complaints that they will have to farm more followed by flaming Inastra. Seems the argument is pretty much won for the "remove/change reward point grape juice side." I kinda wish all of this arguing had been done in the actual suggestion thread....which admins are far more likely to look at. I've practically had to solo argue there...even though the opposition consists almost entirely of "-1 gepard is fixed"....props to xHarry for actually typing out a thoughtful post rather than an empty "-1".