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  1. This guy (Greed) is a farmer in CM. :)
  2. Can we kill the guardian for 20 ymir too? Hahahaha
  3. Disable Play Dead! GG EZ
  4. Build for EMP Breaker Knight please. :)

  5. shower event on which map? lol
  6. Anniversary Headgear+ Grape Juice back to 2 rp + a lot of new ingame events+ exp mod. What can you ask for? #RSS

  7. December came but the Item Hunting Mission still on hold. #likewtf

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Arrensky


      How i wish that there is system announcement where is the Item Mission NPC.. but well..

    3. Franky4Fingers


      So you're back or still wandering around ? =D

    4. iAnarchy


      Just checking franky. :)

  8. Do we have any itinerary for the said event?
  9. Free pizza? If yez, I'm in. :)
  10. Haha. Grats Hazards!
  11. Updates for Ticket #2603