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  1. This Sarah player sure is popular.
  2. Isn't Double Saharic Fisher Boned much better than 2x2?
  3. Any update on the monk claw-type + combo skills bugs?

  4. Lol and against a minor MVP too. Shameful.
  5. lol that's the flavor-of-the-month copycat server.
  6. Sorry man the set prices are the lowest I can give. The +10 pike part of that quad silence pike is practically free at the given price.
  7. Yeah I saw that post of yours. That actually made me admit how much I underestimated the monk nerf. I used to use a knight with maxed-out vit, but after seeing how often I still have green life after asuras, I made a new one, capped the vit at 100 and put the extra points in more offensive stats so I can still have some fun with it outside of WoE lol.
  8. Not sure what it's like nowadays, but it's crazy funny how many times I've survived asuras while under precast fire; often enough for me to hotkey a taunt in my alt+0. You need to teach people how to monk, Kas.
  9. lol wat, they can.
  10. ^ that. Pretty sure that the only times my old 99 vit knight dies to an asura is when it's already taking damage. Even lex isn't a guarantee that I'll get 1HKO'd. You're better off asking hunters/wizards to put down sleep and ankle snare traps/cast stone curse when you meet ones in hallways.
  11. WoE +10 2x curse 2x drowsy pike = 14m +10 4x silence pike = 10m +7 cranial mirror shield = 18m +5 muramasa = 15m Ranked Elems +5 earth/fire/wind/water claymores = 1.2m each, 4m full set +5 ice/fire/wind lance = 600k each For trade, I'm looking for PVP chain, +7 cranial buck, +7 ranked earth 2h-axe, and ranked elemental sword maces.
  12. Is it possible to run RSS with wineskin? It would be really incredibly convenient right now lol.

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    2. WhyMahYah~


      But if you're on OS X, I believe it is possible on wineskin. I saw my friend using it with his mac.

    3. WhyMahYah~
    4. Siegmund


      Nice, I'll give it a shot. Thanks guys!