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  1. 150 playercount, how many of those are non merchants ? :-/

    1. mintcat


      about 50? and 50+ afk? lol

  2. Max autoguard for Devo. More chance of avoiding Asura Strike for your devoted target.
  3. B > Cost. Valk Helm

    1. Rebel
    2. Franky4Fingers


      You got it. I ll pm you when im online

  4. Auto guard lvl 10 is a must. Cavalier mastery does not impact the casting time, but rather your aspd, so it reduces slightly the after cast delay between 2 skills
  5. Price check > costume valk helm

  6. most likely a bug. Too OP otherwise
  7. Agi Spear saders are very fun to play, especially due to the fact you can trigger magic damage while auto attacking with the right gear. Grab a Zephyrus, put some INT into your build (30+ minimum) and go nuts in Byalan
  8. To be fair, I could submit a leave note on the same day where I work. It really depends where you work and how big an ass your boss is.
  9. The issue is both combined. Everybody has in mind the weekly WoE on Wednesday so people plan around it. But nobody knew that this big event would take place in a weekday AND without consulting both guild leaders. As far as I know events (WoE excluded) take place for 99% of them on week ends. So the issue is both combined.
  10. You know what would save you guys a lot of time ? better COMMUNICATION: Because at the moment, it is terrible. Your solution sounds fair, but if you don't explain it properly like you just did, we get sentences like "All I hear is complain complains" that do not make any sense. In the first place, you should not have chosen a weekday without consulting guild leaders. Now you have to fix it with a solution that will only make people semi-satisfied.
  11. As would Metallica say, sad but true.
  12. I am not affiliated to either guild, but it's just common courtesy to consult both guilds in advance about an event that will require attendance of 56 people (!) from each side.
  13. Just go to Payon and look for parties from level 65+ onwards (Furs, seals, magma usually)
  14. Organizing the FC final with 3 days notice, WITHOUT checking with both guild leaders is complete bullshit. It's just common sense to consult both GL, end of story. I don't think Adobo would be proud of winning vs LB without their full potential now, would they ? On a brighter note, Battlegrounds are coming
  15. lol werent you complaining of an asura buff ? so you are also complaining when you find out it's a nerf ? lmao