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  1. RSS Restart will be launch soon!
  2. Greetings RSS, Ive just created our new FB Page https://facebook.com/RSSRestart please help us share it guys. Regarding the RSS Restart, Server will having a restart basically server will reset there wont be a wipe. accounts and equipment will remain. But there will be a wipe with the following items Zeny Reward points Usable Items Misc Items Cash points Some features will also be removed like the rebirth system and some skills balancing. New features will be also added but i will announce it later on. Discussion Thread
  3. sir ask ko lang about sa server? dba until march 2018 pa? bakit down na agad ng July 2017? sir baka may ibang way pa para mabalik yung server. sana makapag reply kayo ASAP kahit busy kayo sa pRO. mas gusto kasi namin mag stay dito sa RSS eh mas ok yung economy ng laro. malayong malayo sa pRO. sana may concern pa rin kayo sa amin sir ! salamat and god bless ^_^

  4. Yes, i think dai mistakenly wrote the info, i will update this when the server restarts
  5. Again we have been reported by Exreme.co.th, I dont know why they see RSS as a big threat to them as there are many private server out there. We have been reported 2 times in a year LOL which kinda sucks really. It kinda make me think that we are in the level of their company. Anyway I will just post the new page of our server here in our forum. Stay tuned ^_^ #RokON #RSS
  6. We could consider having the max party to 20 from the default one which 12 max capacity. Wont there be any downside?
  7. Changed Status to Closed
  8. this was i typo error made by Do As Infinity, I already corrected this one.
  9. Player already sanction for his first offense
  10. character already jailed for her first offense
  11. Changed Status to Under Review
  12. We Just updated our Suggestion and Bug Tracking service. With the new status option, it will be easier for us to implement fixed all those reports that you think should be fixed or implemented on our server. With the help of the status filter option, you can now easily list all status regardless if its suggestion or bug tracking. Don't forget to report any bugs you encounter in game and or suggest any great ideas that will help our server grow. #RokON #RSS Dont forget to write us a review on RMS and help RSS Grow. Thank You http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=19409&itv=6&url_sname=Ragnarok Sarah Server
  13. test