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  1. Changelogs Updated Happy Hour Rewards. We also reset the current rankings as we need to modify everything to work as intended. Added Nose Ring as one of the Requirements. Top 10 Contributors will received 50x Ymir coins and 500 Reward Points Top 3 Monthly Contributors will receive 1. 1x Gym Pass Box, 1000 Reward Points, 500x Ymir Coins and 1x Costume Twin Cannon 2. 1x Gym Pass Box, 1000 Reward Points, 300x Ymir Coins 3. 1x Gym Pass Box, 1000 Reward Points, 100x Ymir Coins Enabled Emergency Call on FE Castle but will be disabled in SE Castle. Added Barricade and Guardian Stone Repair Kit On donation NPC Disabled @changegm Added PvP Ranking ( currently we are using ghost pvp ranking which has dota announcer ) Upcoming Events King Of Midgards Boss Time Attack Last Guild Standing
  2. Hello, choose singapore server when selecting the proxy and see if you were able to login! RoK On!
  3. Its a chained quest, you need to go through each part.
  4. COSTUME BLACK KHALITZBURG KNIGHT HELM QUEST 1. To begin the Quest talk to Sabiku at Morocc 87,231. 2. After Talking to Sabiku, You will then need to kill 2000x to proceed to the next stage of the quest wherein he will ask for certain requirements. 3. Requirements needed: 10,000,000zeny 1x Khalitzburg Card 1x Bone Helm 1x Helm[1] 1x Orc Helm 3x Silvervine Fruit ( Obtainable Through Reward Shop and Streamer Box ) 20x Necklace of Oblivion 100x Chivalry Emblem 1000x Ymir Coins Reward: Costume Black Khalitzburg Knight Helm
  5. Welcome to RSS ms Blushing Virgin!! RoK On!
  6. Costume Tomboy Fairy - Chained Quest Once, an enchanted elf went far from his hometown, lots of miles in search of gems from the Norman world, so that he would make himself turn into an advanced being in order to protect his race. With too much of the journey he has gone, he lost his way and ended up getting stuck in Midgard. Lots of monsters attacked him in the fields where he ventured. His trip caused him to exhaust his resources in order to survive. He once sold his golden ears in the towns, which he is capable of growing back once cut off. Those ears are said to bring good luck to anyone who has taken a hold of it. Townspeople quickly heard of this and started making their own steps to get another precious pair. However, their greed drove the being to grave danger, until the pursuit got him killed when they chased him into a dungeon where he met his demise. The townspeople cut the last of his ears shortly after he died, and then fought each other to death. Little do the townspeople know... his soul would forever live wandering to protect his entire race, and any part of his physical body far from his grave shall awaken as a living memoir. While adventurers highly covet the creature's ears, they will have to face the risk of encountering the wrath of the sacred elf, so they tried to seal away in different places the two pairs taken from him. Whoever happens to unearth them shall know that one time in their lives, the ears will either kill or protect its owner. Perhaps, a way for the owner to have the latter is to prove themselves worthy by helping protect the elven race, searching for those gems in behalf of the elf's wandering soul. 1. To Begin the Quest go to Prontera Field 05 (prt_fild05 353,252) and talk to Hisie. 2. There will be 3 parts before you can do the Quest for the Costume Tomboy Fairy. Part 1. You will need to craft Costume: Elven Ears to proceed to the next part. Here are the requirements needed. Part 2. You will need to craft Costume: Mischievous Fairy to proceed to the Final Part. Here are the requirements needed. Final Part to Craft Costume Tomboy Fairy you will need the following items. Reward: Costume Tomboy Fairy
  7. Changelogs Added New Costume on Donation Shop Added Costume on Reward Shop Removed Reward Coupon on Beginner's Package(Possible Abuse) Remove Reset Skill/Stat NPC New Chain Quest for Costume: Tomboy Fairy Added Drops Darklord Soulpiece on Dark Lord Updated our Streamer Program New Reward Shop Items: Costume Vanargard Helm (200k Reward Points) Costume Hankie in Mouth (100k Reward Points) Costume Volume Low Twin (100k Reward Points) Costume Miyabi Long Hair (100k Reward Points) Costume Guild Member Wanted (50k Reward Points) Misc: Silvervine Fruit (100k Reward Points) New Quest NPC Costume Evil Druid Cross Costume Jitterbug Cap - Pending Costume Black Khalitzburg Knight Helm - Pending Costume Tomboy Fairy - Pending
  8. COSTUME EVIL DRUID CROSS 1. To begin the Quest talk to Himel at Geffen 111,115. 2. After Talking to Himel, You will then need to kill 1000x and 1000x to proceed to the next stage of the quest wherein Himel will ask for certain requirements. 3. Requirements needed: 10,000,000zeny 1x Evil Druid Card 1x Cross Hat Headgear 100x Amulet 5x Silvervine Fruit ( Obtainable Through Reward Shop and Streamer Box ) 2000x Ymir Coins 3x Darklord Soulpiece ( Obtainable Through Dark Lord 30% Drop Rate) 4. After Completing the requirements, you will receive aCostume: Evil Druid Cross. (Will only available for the month of October)
  9. Changelogs Added Blue Herb on Tool Dealer Added White Herb on Reward Shops Added Healing Potion Box Converter Added Name Change NPC(morocc,144,100), Requires Name Coupon. Free Reset/Skill NPC Added 1 day vip to donation shop and Name Change Coupon. Added Angel Wing Ears and Evil Wings Ears to Costume Convert Replace donation shop with a new set of costumes Added Warp on orc vill kafra New Quest Costume Coming this October Costume: Evil Druid Cross - Robe (Can Be obtain only for the month of October) Costume: Jitterbug Cap - Upper (Animated) Costume: Black Khalitzburg Knight Helm - Upper More to come.. Upcoming Updates New Streamer Program Daily Attendance Happy Hour Updates Gacha Box New MvP drops - Requirements for new costume quest items PvP Rankings More to come.. Upcoming Events King Of Midgards Sunday Night Ragnarok - Beat The GMs 9 vs 9 Edition. ( September 27, 2020 ) Friday Night Ragnarok - Job Showdown - Monk vs Monk ( October 2, 2020 ) Sunday Night Ragnarok - 20 vs 20 ( October 4, 2020 ) Friday Night Ragnarok - 9 vs 9 Special Event - In preparation of KoM ( October 9, 2020 ) Sunday Night Ragnarok - WoE Special Event - In preparation of KoM - Shower Event Afterwards (@restock Enabled) ( October 11, 2020 ) Sunday Night Ragnarok - Boss Time Attack ( October 18, 2020 ) Sunday Night Ragnarok - Last Guild Standing ( October 25, 2020 )
  10. Changelogs Added Experience Scroll Box and Autotrade Certificate to Donation NPC Autotrade implemented ( Hourly Disabled when autotrade ) Added New Costume on our Donation NPC Added Guild Package Updated Beginner's Set Donate Promotion For the month of September. (commands @topdonators) Added Guardian on cmd_fild02 Entrance. On Going Events Like and Share Level RuSSH Event Like and Share Beginner's Set Event Guild of The Month Upcoming Updates Happy Hour modification Free Reset Stats and Skill New Streamer Program Change Name Scroll Daily Attendance Gacha Box Healing Potion Box Converter Special Quest Item drops from MVP Blue Herb on tool dealer White Herb on Reward Shops More to come.
  11. Changelogs Fixed Bio Cannibalize item requirements on @restock Added New Set of costume on donation shop and remove current costume list Added Binoculars, Panda Hat, Orc Hero Helm, Ancient Elven Ears, and Blush Headgear to Costume NPC Added Reward Coupon to Reward Shop Orc Village is now set to PK Mode Disabled Skill on Training Grounds
  12. Comment here for the 3rd Qualifying Rounds Current Standings Uprising Gods 5 ECA 4 IMMORTALS 4 Elyunium 4 Finest 2 Blacklist 2 Impervious 2 AishabelleTV 2 Asgard Order 1 Eternium 1 LimitBreaker Dynasty 1 Iglesia Ni Damaso 1 Viva Brazil 1 Fuck Shit 1
  13. yes you can remove hunter trap
  14. Comment here for the 2nd Qualifying Rounds Current Standings Uprising Gods 4 Elyunium 3 Finest 1 IMMORTALS 1 Asgard Order 1 Blcklist 1 Eternium 1 Impervious 1 AishabelleTV 1
  15. Mechanics Create a Party Max of 7 Players Only 1 Monk per Team. All Player must be in one Guild Only 1 Entry Guild Party with the fastest time to kill the all 3 MvP will be our BTA Champion. For consolation prize, Guild must kill all 3 MVPs to avoid troll players. There will be a 15 Minutes time Limit. Call Time will be 8pm Later Server Time. Each Members of BTA Champion will received 1x Zodiac Costume of Choice ( Choose 1 costume for the whole team ) 1x Gym Pass Box 200 Eir Box 200x Ymir Coins Consolation Prize 100 Eir Box 100x Ymir Coins How to Join? Comment with the following Format Party Leader IGN: Vy Low Party Name: We Are Boss Hunters Guild: Exodus
  16. Our 9v9 Qualifying rounds will be set Every Friday until August 28, top x team which will be determine later base on the participating team will be qualified for our main event. Main Event Date: TBA 9v9 First Qualifying round, August 14, 2020 8pm Onwards Mechanics Must be in a Guild No Job repetition Each round will last for 7 minutes in a Best of 3 match Championship will be a best of 5 match Arena will be a GvG Map Only the top 6 Guild will go to our Final Rounds Point System Winning team on each qualifying round will received 3 points + participation points Seconds place will received 2 points + participation point Participation 1 point In case there will be a tie, teams wit the same score will fight for a sudden winner match, meaning whoever wins will be the one to qualify for the main event Disabled Items Evil Druid Card Marc Card Smokie Card Pecopeco Card To Register comment the following, also there will be a 1,000,000z Registration Fee. GM Khalee will be collecting the Registration Fee Half of the total Accumulated Zeny will be set as one of the prize for our 9v9 Champion this end of the month Please use your Guildname as your partyname. For Guilds with more than 1 team participating in the 9v9 event. Just Create a separate Guild with different name and Emblems IGN: Vy Low Guild Name: Game Masters Members IGNs: Grand Prize - Each Member 1x Gym Pass Box 200x Ymir Coins 100x Eir Box 1000 Rewards Points 16,500,000z for the whole team Consolation - Each Member 50x Ymir Coins 50x Eir Box 500 Reward Points
  17. Welcome to RSS and Good Luck!
  18. You can download the full client here https://rssboards.net/topic/64-rss-full-client-downloads/?do=getNewComment
  19. Changelogs Added New Costume Donation on our Donation Shop Added Magician Hat to Costume Conversion NPC Added Witched Starsand on Payon Tool Dealer NPC Enable Effect of Deluge, Violent Gale, Land Protector and Volcano when Effect Off mode. Reduce Full Plate[1] and Full Plate Drop on Laval Golem. Monster now drop FP[1] to 0.02% from 2% and FP[0] to 0.04% from 4%. (Thanks to all who reported) Donation Promotion - As requested by our community who supported our server all the way through! ^_^ For Every 10 Pods of Single Donation Transaction. Player will receive an Animated Costume Love Cheeks. For Every 20 Pods of Single Donation Transaction. Player will receive an Animated Costume Love Cheeks and Costume Sorcerer Hood. For Every 1 Pod donation = 100 Donation Points ( Promotion will start after this post) Top 5 Donators at the end of August will received 1x Costume Eremes Scarf and 1x Gym Pass Box. An NPC will be added for the rankings ( similar to MvP rankings and will be added later on. Ranking will be based on Donators In game Name that is used for claiming the Pods ) Current Trial WoE 2-2 Standings Impervious - 3pts Limit Breaker - 2pts Black List - 2pts 546 - 2pts Uprising Gods - 2pts Nuestra Familia - 1pt Collide - 1pt Finest - 1pt
  20. Alternative Jobs Are finally Here! As what we have discuss with the Guild Masters. We will have a trial WoE in preparation for the official WoE of 2-2. @restock will be enabled and only 1 Castle per WoE. Castle will be reset at the end of the WoE. We will also have a mini WoE event during this period. Similar to our 2-1 WoE event, we will have a point system. Based on the mechanics below. WoE Castle - 9-11pm Server Time Rothenburg - July 22 Bergel - July 25 Sacred Altar - July 29 Skoegul - August 1 Mechanics All Castle will have 100 Economy. Castle Holder will have 2 points at the end of the WoE Guild are not allowed to own castle for 2 consecutive time. Meaning if Guild "A" Holds the castle for the first WoE, owning the castle for the next woe will give them a penalty of -1 point, plus no points for that WoE. On their 3rd WoE, this will be the time they can hold a castle Again without penalty. +1 Point to every Guild Attendance. Must be a Guild not just random members who just participate during woe times. Top 2 Guilds based on our point system will battle it out for best of 5 GvG. In case there will be a TiE Breaker. They will still battle it out in a best of 3 GvG Event. @restock will be enabled on the GvG Event. GvG Event will be on August 2, Sunday 9pm Server Time. Side Events First and Last to Break the Castle will receive 1x Gym Pass Box. Trial GvG Champion Will Receive 10x Gym Pass Box 10,000x Witched Starsand 1000x Eir Box Runner Up will Receive 5x Gym Pass Box 5,000x Witched Starsand 500x Eir Box
  21. Mechanics Event will start on July 20, 2020 12pm Server time. Be sure to be a level 1 Novice and then register to Level Race NPC in training grounds before you proceed. Event will not end until we have all 5 winners of each 2-2 jobs. Only the first 5 winners of each job who posted here will be considered as winners. Prizes are Tradeable To qualify as one of the winners Comment the following IGN: Vy Low Job: Crusader Screen shot here
  22. Changelogs Please Patch your client Added New Donation Costumes Added Costume Blinking Eyes to Tier 2 Ymir Shop Added Costume Lord Kaho's orn to Tier 1 Ymir Shop Added Megaphone to Ymir Shop Implemented MvP Ranking Partially Implemented Episode 5 patch in preparation of Episode 5 this coming July 20. Added fluff to Happy Hour requirements Removed Single Cell to Happy Hour Requirements Costume Conversion NPC Updates Added Conversion Option of Majestic Goat to Costume: Large Baphomet Horn and Costume: Gigantic Majestic Goat Raccoon Hat to Costume Raccoon Hat Corsair to Costume Corsair Romantic Flower to Costume Romantic Flower Romantic Leaf to Costume Romantic Leaf Sphinx Hat to Costume Sphinx Hat Pipe to Costume Pipe Jewel Crown to Costume Jewel Crown Current WoE Standing Geffen Castle will be reset Tomorrow in preparation of Aldebaran Castle Black List - 2 Points Nuestra Famila - 2 Points 546 - 2 Points Uprising Gods - 2 Points Limit Breaker Dynasty - 2 Points I m p e r v i o u s - 1 Point Elyunium - 1 Point Finest - 0 Point Collide - 0 Point Calling all Guild Leader we will have a discord meeting after our WoE this saturday for the GvG Event this coming Sunday!
  23. Do you have what it takes to be the top MvP of Sarah Server. This is your chance to prove the you're one of the best! Every MvP Monster will have their respective points. You can use @mvprank to check the current MVP standing. Top 3 MvP every end of the month will get additional Rewards. Top 1 Costume Gusty Hunting Cap Gym Pass Box 1000x Ymir Coins Top 2 Gym Pass Box 500x Ymir Coins Top 3 Gym Pass Box 250x Ymir Coins MvP Point System 1038, 6, // Osiris 1039, 10, // Baphomet 1046, 4, // Doppelganger 1059, 8, // Mistress 1086, 2, // Golden Thief Bug 1087, 6, // Orc Hero 1112, 6, // Drake 1115, 2, // Eddga 1147, 4, // Maya 1150, 2, // Moonlight 1157, 4, // Pharaoh 1159, 2, // Phreeoni 1190, 6, // Orc Lord 1251, 10, // Knight of Windstorm 1252, 4, // Garm 1272, 10, // Dark Lord 1312, 8; // Turtle General Party members will also received poinst but only half the MvP points. VIP members will get 2x points. Available Commands @mvprank
  24. Our official WoE is finally here and we made a mini event for 2-1 that will last for 4 consecutive WoE with point System. Woe Schedule is Every Wed-Sat 9pm-11pm Server Time July 8 and 11 - Geffen City July 15 and 18 - Aldebaran City Hot Castle with 2 points, other castle will only have 1 point July 8 - Bergel July 11 - Rephrion July 15 - Hohen July 18 - Wuerzberg Mechanics All Castle will have 100 Economy Each castle will have a corresponding points. All Castle will have 1 point except for our Hot Agit. Guild who occupies 2 or more castle will have 0 points as well as -1 point on their current points. Top 4 Guild with the highest point will battle it out on July 19, 2020. It will be a best of 3 Match, 1vs4 and 2vs3 single elimination then best of 5 on our final round. A time limit of 15 minutes per round. Side Events First Player to break the Emperium of Bergel and Hohen will receive 1x Proof of Donation and 1x Gym Pass Box (only on the first woe for geffen and alde) Last Player to break the Emperium of Bergel and Hohen will receive 1x Proof of Donation and 1x Gym Pass Box (only on the first woe for geffen and alde) If a castle is only conquered 1 time and defended until the end of woe, the breaker will get both the first and last break prize. Server Champ Will receive 20,000x Witched Starsand 1000x Eir Box 20x Gym pass Box 1000x Ymir Coins Consolation Prize for the remaining 3 Guilds 10,000x Witched Starsand 500x Eir Box 10x Gym pass Box 500x Ymir Coins
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