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  1. RSS - Hunter vs Hunter Format: Single-Elimination, Random Seeding 8PM GMT+8 Thursday, 11/26/2020 Map: How to Join: PM GM Lyanna your Hunter's IGN and be present before the event starts. Registration only until 7:59pm Mechanics: ELIMINATE your opponent to WIN the round. @restock is enabled. All equipments are enabled. Outside buffs are disabled. PVP settings. GM's "Pneuma" will be the signal for the round to start. Once the "Pneuma" fades, the round starts. All matches will be played in a Best of 3 Format. Finals will be Best of 5. Once cal
  2. 3v3 Team War Event Mechanics: No Outside Buffs No repetition of jobs Upon entering the arena, we will do a doommap Match-ups will go as 1v2, 3v4, and so on. For uneven players, Round Robin match will be done on the lowest three ranks. Each match is best of 3. Time limit is 5 minutes every round. --9vs9 setup will be implemented-- Winners will receive Costume Angel of Happiness, Streamer's Box and 7days VIP. The losing Team will receive 7days VIP, 20 EIR Box, and 1 Kafra Card Box. Registration will be through forum using this format: Exact Team Part
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