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    you know a change sucks when there's not 1 person who likes it ZERO woe players will agree with this bad woes are bad for the server
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    The rates of the server do not allow you to change such thing later on and expect it to have little to no impact on those who play. By waiting to see what happens, you'd have to wait until 2-2 starts to see how terrible that change is. And what after that? What are you going to tell to the players that were only playing knights because of the nerf on monks and to the guilds that will have to change their rosters? And are you really expecting those who aren't in favor of those changes (us, literally everyone posting in this topic) to start playing the server after those changes? Have you forgotten that your server is 1.5x exp and drop rates and that most ragnarok players study and/or have a job, which limits the amount of the time we spend on the game? Again, like everyone is pointing out, that nerf won't make woe any better or any more balanced. And don't forget that the nerf on monks in the old RSS was one of the very first reasons the server started losing guilds, many of them being ours and the others that we've talked to.
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    4,000 RoK Points ( 7 days ) 7,000 RoK Points ( 14 days ) 10,000 RoK Points ( 30 Days ) Commands @vip ( will show your current reward/rokpoint and remaining VIP Time )
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    Acolyte Class Asura Strike - has a 5 seconds sp reuse cooldown ------ I think everyone can agree this change is extremely bad for the balance of woe. It's already a challenge to defeat a guild larger than yours; putting a sp reuse cooldown on asura makes it even more difficult. I understand the change from a pvm/mvp perspective.
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    sorry for the late reply, im still discussing this matter with the staffs
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    For the past 10 years supplies haven't been a limiting factor on low-rate servers (including official servers), WoE guilds will find the means to have enough supplies.
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    What is/are your in-game name/s? Reason behind your IGN?
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    introductions seemed empty so I thought I'd post here. i'm felishitty. forever searching for a good low rate! I am probably joining guildless but I look forward to making some cool friends on here
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    Your boy is back! I know some of you guys know me already, for the new comers let me introduce, i'ma Former Event Organizer/Support GM/Content Creator of RSS1(The previous server before this one) But, i'm not here for any of those, i'm here to play! Soooo i'll see you guys in-game buddies! *FIST BUMP* RoK On! \m/
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    Im suggesting to increase the number of stalactic golem of this dungeon and total removal of arclouse and changing it to ambernite. increasing leveling spot will definitely increase the people who seeks parties and the community will be more active than usual since old dungeon adding a new twist is good for the eyes of new/old players
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    in game name : Hades Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/HIDEyourMIND #RSS #RSSRestart #RokOn #HG http://www.hg-guild.com/
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    In Game Name: Like Mike Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/daedalusguild
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    In Game Name: DemiGod https://www.facebook.com/WilliamJLaung
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    IGN : AymPrikz Facebook Link : https://web.facebook.com/ronzyan040508
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    The logic of having a 30 minute or more variance is flawed. You don't want to put in 10 minute variance because you are worried people will control boss monsters (Which I understand). If this is the case then put in tombstones. Tombstones would also create a lot of fun and competition for boss monsters. Especially since you added incentive to them with the reward coupons that can drop. If you don't want to put in tombstones then you really don't mind people controlling boss respawns. A 30 minute or more variance just means people will be sitting around on a map doing nothing for long periods of time. This is not quality or enjoyable game play.
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    In Game Name: Mimaa Facebook Link: https://facebook.com/PayeSimbulan
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    In Game Name: Yensome Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/yensome
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    Farmers like us still have a chance for WoE supplies. Back to my grind of WSS and Y.Gems
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    For us, you're number 1
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    Any idea how many points 1 grape juice will cost?
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    This change is terrible and it will change drastically the balance of woe. Monks are needed to kill the knights, they are the only class that is able to deal with them. By adding a 5 seconds cooldown on the only skill that is able to effectively kill them, you're not doing anything that will require coordination or team play, you will be making guilds unable to control the obvious never-ending amount of knights inside their stack. Ground control already requires team play and coordination while zerging requires none. Plus, the supplies excuse doesn't make any sense since the knights will also have free and unlimited hp supplies and since they won't have to worry about being gfisted because of the excessive cooldown, who will stop them? How do you suggest a guild to ground control against the knights with those changes? How will that, in any possible way, balance and make the woe healthier?
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    Cool. I think that's pretty good. Would want one of those costumes if they look good, since I'm a costume freak
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    Yes i think this will be a great feature
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