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  1. Last week
  2. Earlier
  3. RIP? :( Thanks for the memories T_T

  4. Sarah is still up!!!!

  5. After the server closed, I tried playing this game. I've been seeing this before but never tried it. Think of Counter Strike and Ragnarok combined. You will be battling against other tanks. But instead of humans like CS, you will be using tanks. Tanks have different categories from Tier I to Tier X. There are modules that can be bought using credits that you earn in battles. If you want more credits without grinding much, you can buy credits through donations. There are still a few things but I'm kind of lazy to type now. So just try it for yourself.
  6. its over. thanks for the memories

  7. RIP

    its over. thanks for the memories
  8. Please fixed sarah mobile app, please. it close every 10sec...


  9. I need 1 or 2 pcs Proof of Donation. PM me in game. Thanks a lot.
  10. level level level......:th_heh:

    1. acel18


      hnd ka nag OL kahapon? now down ulit sarah


    2. echapwera2
    3. acel18


      down pa dn, bkt kaya?


  11. Yehey, Server's UP, play play play...


  12. Go Go Go, Hunt hunt Hunt

  13. Why is Atlanta GA so different from the Midwest and the Pacific Coast?
  14. can't connect to server 1, until now im i server 2

    connect to server 2

  15. waiting, till' my pc connect to the server, please please please, connect me =(.

    1. Erza


      Sever is down. Hope strider will do something about it

    2. acel18


      server is down

      server 2 is ok


  16. Hey. Played when online was 1000+. Now came and ofigel - 10 people maximum. what happened? I understand that the server has died, the people have broken up, but it can not be just for half a year to die the server from 1000 to 10 ... Maybe something happened which I do not know about? It's just really interesting. translated
  17. sorry, I don't know your language and could only reply in english.
  18. GMs became inactive, players moved servers, and finally, an official server launched, hence the current population. The server will restart soon, but characters and equipment will stay (based on server owner's post).
  19. what do you mean by restart? :) I downloaded the game again last night but couldnt go online.
  20. RSS Restart will be launch soon!
  21. I missed this game. I want to come back to this server. :)
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