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  2. Currently server is under development. This is why you were unable to login.
  3. I keep getting the same dang error, "You're using an outdated license file. Please, close the game and run the updater". I have removed the game folder, redownloaded the full installer, reupdated and I still cannot get around this error... Is it a simple fix and I am just being dumb or do I need to do something else...? Please send rescue!
  4. Open this shit already :)

  5. Donate Promotion! This will also help boost our Garmenth League pool prize! For Every Pods you get 1 Devil Scrolls which Contains the Following Advance Field Manual (20% Chance) Field Manual (20% Chance) Job Manual (20% Chance) Bubble Gum (20% Chance) Reward Coupon (15% Chance) Costume Fallen Angel Wing (10 percent Exp) (5% Chance) Ymir Shop Added Costume Blank Eyes New Atcommand @dungeonwarp gl_prison (requires 20 Reward points) gl_dun02 (requires 50 Reward points) New Crafter NPC Yin and Yang Here you can craft Costume Golden Angel Wing with 20% Chance Requirements will be 1 Costume Arch Angel Wing or 1 Costume Fallen Angel wing along with other misc ingredients Costume Converter NPC(conversion chances varies from each Gears) Now you can convert some of in game headgears to costume. Although not all are listed yet, but we will add them from time to time. (Note converting a headgear to costume doesnt have 100% success rate ) Amatsu Kunlun will be Released on the 3rd week of March!
  6. Kafra Card (30%) Yggdrasil Seed Box (15%) Grape Juice Box (50%) Bubble Gum 1 pc (10%) Reward Coupon 100 (50%) Costume Poker Card In mouth (3%)
  7. Sir hoping that we gonna have dual client on a server cause it was really hard to leveling solo, atlease only one client and I'm also hoping that gympass will gonna be available at donation shop. Thank you
  8. IGN: Indian Pana JOB: HUNTER Im back Sarah Server hahahaha TOP HUNTER NG ASIA
  9. IGN: Pepper Lunch Isly PuRpLe xVandaL0305 weiwei Smoothie Dreew GUILD: RSS&Friends
  10. IGN : Kingkong(SAGE) Harley Devotion(Crusader) Chokaisan(Hunter) Skippy(Wiz) Fate(Priest) Gal Gadot(Monk) boxboxboxboxbeat(Bard) GUILD : DBC
  11. Hallo, richtig, ich komme aus Deutschland. Das bedeutet, dass wir vom Inhalt her voranschreiten bis zu dem Punkt wo das Rebirth System implementiert wird und dort verbleiben. Classic bedeutet in diesem Sinne alle Inhalte vor Rebirth.
  12. Woher kannst du so gut deutsch? Bist du aus Deutschland? Ich wollte dich noch was fragen, da mein Englisch nicht so perfekt ist Was genau heißt der zweite Satz "So it will progress up to the point where the rebirth system kicks in and stop there."? Also gibt es kein Advance?
  13. Hello! 1. The server was reopened in October 2018. 2. It is wipe free but we have maintenances sometimes that require a shutdown. Normally they take less than 1 hour. 3. It is planned to stay classic. So it will progress up to the point where the rebirth system kicks in and stop there.
  14. Hey, ich weiß dass es zumindest früher mindestens einen gab der Deutschsprachig ist. Leider kann ich dir nicht sagen ob er noch hier spielt.
  15. In Game Name: Dennonnn Guild: Show No Mercy Member: 46/46
  16. IGN: AAO x CLLD Guild: Against All Odds
  17. In Game Name: Evisu Guild: E C A Member: 46/46
  18. IGN: Dennonn jojito Ben&Ben Denskie Galvatron Opaline Ezra Escarlet Guild: Show No Mercy
  19. Hallo, ich wollte eigentlich nur wissen, ob es hier auch deutsche Spieler gibt? Falls ja bitte einmal melden
  20. oh thank you @GM Vy Low do u plan to add trans job later? and what are about maps like einbech, einbroch? do we get them
  21. hello, im new on this server, but i have a few questions that confuses me. 1. was this sever not online in 2016? 2. any wipes or shutdown planned, or is this really a wipe free server? 3. will there be added trans job like sniper, sin x, lord knight, or not planned? hope you can help me a lil bit
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