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  3. Changelogs Added Blue Herb on Tool Dealer Added White Herb on Reward Shops Added Healing Potion Box Converter Added Name Change NPC(morocc,144,100), Requires Name Coupon. Free Reset/Skill NPC Added 1 day vip to donation shop and Name Change Coupon. Added Angel Wing Ears and Evil Wings Ears to Costume Convert Replace donation shop with a new set of costumes Added Warp on orc vill kafra New Quest Costume Coming this October Costume: Evil Druid Cross - Robe (Can Be obtain only for the month of October) Costume: Jitterbug Cap - Upper (Animated) Costume: Black Khalitzburg Knight Helm - Upper More to come.. Upcoming Updates New Streamer Program Daily Attendance Happy Hour Updates Gacha Box New MvP drops - Requirements for new costume quest items PvP Rankings More to come.. Upcoming Events King Of Midgards Sunday Night Ragnarok - Beat The GMs 9 vs 9 Edition. ( September 27, 2020 ) Friday Night Ragnarok - Job Showdown - Monk vs Monk ( October 2, 2020 ) Sunday Night Ragnarok - 20 vs 20 ( October 4, 2020 ) Friday Night Ragnarok - 9 vs 9 Special Event - In preparation of KoM ( October 9, 2020 ) Sunday Night Ragnarok - WoE Special Event - In preparation of KoM - Shower Event Afterwards (@restock Enabled) ( October 11, 2020 ) Sunday Night Ragnarok - Boss Time Attack ( October 18, 2020 ) Sunday Night Ragnarok - Last Guild Standing ( October 25, 2020 )
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  6. My friends Invited me to stream and play ragnarok classic. this game is very nostalgic for me been playing this when I was in high school Iris server.
  7. Changelogs Added Experience Scroll Box and Autotrade Certificate to Donation NPC Autotrade implemented ( Hourly Disabled when autotrade ) Added New Costume on our Donation NPC Added Guild Package Updated Beginner's Set Donate Promotion For the month of September. (commands @topdonators) Added Guardian on cmd_fild02 Entrance. On Going Events Like and Share Level RuSSH Event Like and Share Beginner's Set Event Guild of The Month Upcoming Updates Happy Hour modification Free Reset Stats and Skill New Streamer Program Change Name Scroll Daily Attendance Gacha Box Healing Potion Box Converter Special Quest Item drops from MVP Blue Herb on tool dealer White Herb on Reward Shops More to come.
  8. IGN: Move Closer Guild : Finest 1. Sage - Jayson de Maniac 2. Devo - LupaTriCkusH 3. Bard - Fasyonistahhh 4. Monk - Carlu 5. Priest - Leonheart 6. Wiz - Cupiditas 7. Rogue - Zelphar 8. Dancer- Move Closer 9. Hunter -Running Rooster
  9. IGN: Panerai Guild : Iglesia Ni Damaso 1. FS : Daisuke 2. Hunter : Frigus Corde 3. Dancer : Aurora Australis 4. Wizard : Dracula 5. Sage : Panerai 6. Crusader : Man of Steel 7. Monk : Code 8. Stalker : Von Vanguardia 9. Bard : Aurora Borealis
  10. IGN: EL Hanki Eternium Monk: simaron Sage: EL Hanki Crus: HarveySpecter Bard: David Hockney Hunter: Fetty Twrap Wizard: Tamahome Priest: Madam Rogue: (Mrs Hubad) Alche: Tina Moran
  11. IGN: w o n S Elyunium Monk - w o n S Sage - Ang Propesor Crusader - Blasphemy Hunter - PsYniPs Bard - A N Y A M E T T E N Wizard - Craze Priest - G e l o Rogue - One__ Dancer: Luningning
  12. IGN: Mattius I Asgard Order Monk - Mattius I Sage - ChocoIcecream Assassin - F a i n T Crusader - Famous Hunter - Alice Springwood Bard - Bard_Jovs21 Wizard - Jewel Priest - Tenhou Farland Rogue - KELSEY SOL
  13. IGN: Nanno Guild : Viva Brazil 1. FS : PriestShura 2. Hunter : You Got Served 3. Dancer : Nanno 4. Wizard : Gucci 5. Sage : THEYMOONYOU 6. Crusader : ManOfSteel 7. Monk : Y v o 8. Alchemist : Jacq* 9. Bard : Jpol
  14. Guild: Co l l i d e Members IGNs: Sage: CLLD Ra y h aN Dancer: CLLD QUEEN Yasmin Rogue:CLLD Death Monk: CLLD Pat Priest: K a y c e e Wizard: Collidescope Hunter: CLLD E m m a n Devo: CLLD C a r m i Bard: Cockroach
  15. IGN: lllllll Sage - LawX Rogue - PervertX Dancer - Zara Trapper - MAINISKANALANG Devo - Ayashiko Wiz - llllllll Priest - Tambal Tuob Monk - Sayonara Des Bard - Bon
  16. IGN: Missionary Guild: ECA Members IGNs: Sage: Missionary Dancer: Mikki Rogue: Maria Ozawaa Monk: Siren Symphony Priest: Saint Bot Wizard: Corkscrew Hunter: Kalesa Devo: Kutis Ipis Bard: Kreimhild
  17. IGN: Maleficent Guild: Uprising GodS Members IGNs: Sage: Maleficent Monk:Uprising Wizard:Mvgic Bard: KAYAM GARUD Dancer: Soriin Crusader:Lexiekate Priest: UG Boss Jon Hunter:Gemayz Rouge: Aaark Fatalis
  18. IGN: JEK P R I M E Guild : BLACK LIST 1. Priest : At Your Service 2. Hunter : MELSPRIME 3. Dancer : Hypnotize 4. Wizard : Kel Thuzad 5. Sage : Pretzel Dip 6. Crusader : C E B U 7. Monk : JEK P R I M E 8. Rogue : Roi Is My Name 9. Bard : Hovering Butterfly
  19. IGN: xGen Guild: IMMORTALS Members IGNs: Sage: xGen Dancer: Sexy Pepsi Rouge: Aubrey Monk: Butterfinger Priest: NakedMind Wizard: Vanilla Hands Hunter: Darvinsanity Devo: Recoil Bard: Warfrost
  20. Hi Team, I would like to suggest a modification with regards to the leaves of certain maps like for example, prt_fild02 which has abundant trees wherein its hard to find mandragora mobs without tilting and rotating the camera back and forth. As you know, stems are required for the creation of alcohol which is required for FCP bottles. But as you can see, there's no one selling or vending these stems in the market right now. So I propose that some maps may be modified to somehow ease the burden of hunting to these kind of maps.
  21. Changelogs Fixed Bio Cannibalize item requirements on @restock Added New Set of costume on donation shop and remove current costume list Added Binoculars, Panda Hat, Orc Hero Helm, Ancient Elven Ears, and Blush Headgear to Costume NPC Added Reward Coupon to Reward Shop Orc Village is now set to PK Mode Disabled Skill on Training Grounds
  22. 21 Aug Stream https://www.facebook.com/AishabelleTv/videos/1211135692573045/
  23. [15:05, 8/21/2020] I smoke: Al Syren and al Data [15:06, 8/21/2020] Fumo: It came out that we had dropped the horong card [15:06, 8/21/2020] I smoke: First to the Data [15:06, 8/21/2020] I smoke: After me [15:06, 8/21/2020] I smoke: Syren [15:06, 8/21/2020] I smoke: And I wasn't there was no letter
  24. Comment here for the 3rd Qualifying Rounds Current Standings Uprising Gods 5 ECA 4 IMMORTALS 4 Elyunium 4 Finest 2 Blacklist 2 Impervious 2 AishabelleTV 2 Asgard Order 1 Eternium 1 LimitBreaker Dynasty 1 Iglesia Ni Damaso 1 Viva Brazil 1 Fuck Shit 1
  25. IGN: PriestShura Guild : Viva Brazil 1. FS : PriestShura 2. Hunter : Move if you Wanna 3. Dancer : Nanno 4. Wizard : Wiz Heizu 5. Sage : THEYMOONYOU 6. Crusader : ManOfSteel 7. Monk : Y v o 8. Knight : Jacq 9. Bard : Jpol
  26. IGN: LAMBE Guild: ****Shit Sage: Sengoku Dancer: amfhi3 Rogue: BURATATATAT Monk: LAMBE Priest: I N A M O Wizard: SALAMANGKWAK Hunter: BosS pLaYa Devo: Ailuropoda Bard:GuitarMAN
  27. IGN: AishabeIIe Guild: AishabelleTv 1. FS - Early Seven Strikeland 2. Monk - Starter 3. Bard - Clowntutan 4. Dancer - AishabeIIe 5. Crusader - LB_Awit23 6. Sage - Porky BBQ 7. Wizard - Hermione 8. Hunter - Cabba 9. Rouge - LB Gone No Rhea
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