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  5. Swordsman Job Quest You must be Novice Job level 10 to start the quest. Go inside the building located at the West part of Izlude. Talk to Swordman to sign up for the quest. Talk to another Swordman (at the left side of the screen) to enter the next room. Talk to the Test Hall Staff to move to the quest room. You must complete the obstacle course within 7 minutes to pass the test. There are three parts in this test. Just walk until you reach the end of the path and be careful not to fall at the edges. If you fall, just look for the portal, it will warp you back and need to start over. Once you completed the task, talk to the Swordman (the first Swordman where you registered for the quest) and he will turn you into a Swordsman.
  6. Archer Job Quest You must be Novice Job level 10 to start the quest. Go to Archer Village and head to the house located at North East of the map. (1 Map North from Payon) Go inside and talk to Archer Guildsman. She will ask you to collect trunks from Willows. There are 4 types of trunks and have different points each. You need to collect at least 25 points to pass: INGREDIENT/s: PRODUCT/s Fine Grained Trunk 5 Points Solki Trunk 3 Points Barren Trunk 2 Points Trunks 1 Point Once you have enough Trunk/s with total of 25 points or more, report back to Archer Guildsman to change your job.
  7. RSS - Restart Pre-Registration is now available! https://www.rssrestart.com FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RSSRestart/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RSSRestart #RSSRestart #RagnarokSarahServer #RagnarokOnline
  8. Fixed not only raydric card but other resistance cards as well.
  9. excited

    1. prog


      please go full classic like RSS 1! not revo please

    2. GM Vy Low

      GM Vy Low

      its full classic, no manuals esb, not even trans costumes and items

  10. RSS Restart Forum Rules General Posting guidelines Posts may not contain spam. Spam is one word posts, posts with no meaning to the topic, or double/triple posts without reason. Posting in the wrong section is also not tolerated. Posts in Off Topic do not count. It's Off Topic. Duplicate topics are not allowed. Post your topic once, in the correct section. If you accidentally post in the wrong section, use the Report button to report your own post. Posts in the support sections may be bumped with MORE INFORMATION no less than 24 hours after the last post. Any other bumping is not allowed. When starting a new topic, chose an informative topic title. Languages English usage must be observed in any English section. If you have a problem with English, please find your international forum Signatures and Avatars Signatures may not exceed 650 px in width and 150 px in height TOTAL. This includes images and text. Signatures may also not link to warez, get rich quick schemes, nudity or anything obscene. Avatars may not be inappropriate in nature. Signatures and Avatars maybe removed at the discretion of a moderator depending on the content. General Forum Etiquette Please do not post in all caps, use an excessive amount of emoticons, or otherwise make your post annoying and difficult to read. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. Trolling and Flaming other users is also not allowed. Posts linking to pornography or nudity of any kind is not allowed. Posts linking to warez or get rich quick schemes are not allowed. Referral links that directly or indirectly gain you money are prohibited. Advertising in any way is prohibited. These rules are subject to change.
  11. Hello everyone, due to the frequent upcoming of reports that are not helpful for anyone we now provide a guideline on what reports should look like: IGN(s): Offender1, Offender2, Offender3,... Violation(s): Ill-mannered, Skill abuse,... A explanation of what has happened with all important details. Provide proof of the issue(s) you report the Player(s) for. Make sure that they are really meaningful. For example if you report someone for skill abuse we need to actually see the whole process not just one screenshot. To create a video you can use tools like: https://www.bandicam.com (Note: We do not take Ragnarok Replays) If you want to provide a video but don't know how to provide it to us, the easiest way is to use https://streamable.com/ or a similiar service and add the link to your video in the report. If you do not provide meaningful proof of or do not abide to this guidline your report will be ignored, so please make sure to write proper reports. Please also note that reports get auto closed after there hasn't been activity for 3 days. Thank you for your support in fighting ill behaviour in our community and have a nice day The RSS Team
  12. Currently server is under development. This is why you were unable to login.
  13. I keep getting the same dang error, "You're using an outdated license file. Please, close the game and run the updater". I have removed the game folder, redownloaded the full installer, reupdated and I still cannot get around this error... Is it a simple fix and I am just being dumb or do I need to do something else...? Please send rescue!
  14. Open this shit already :)

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